The absence of substance

...lace is formed from the absence of substance; it is imagined in the spaces between the threads. Lace is a thing like hope. It lived, it survived, and it was desired for what it was not”.......... The Ruins of Lace, Iris Anthony; what better way to describe lace. Today is Lace Day, with the aim to raise the profile of this wonderful material which has been used for hundreds of years in the world of interior design and fashion. Today we see this material being used for all manner of home accessories. White patterned voile fabric on a wall above a dressing table, with jewellery pinned onto it

Design Inspiration

Pieces of lace fabric make wonderfully feminine jewellery displays. A macrame style screen behind an armchair

Art at Heart

Beautiful lace screen divides a room without being too harsh. Black and white large wall art behind a white bed, depicting a flower head using macrame cord

The design Tree

Lace adds a wonderful touch of femininity to a bedroom. An all white dining room with lace dining table, with intricate pattern

Daily Home Decor Ideas

Give your dining room a touch of lace to bring a gorgeous on-trend vintage look. Black lace patterned fabric at a window

The House Directory

Black lace has a seductive and mysterious quality as the light from the window filters through. Glass jars on a window sil, covered in macrame style fabric

HerBallistic Garden

Lace accessories add charm to many different decorating motifs. White lace fabric modern dream catcher with white feathers

Web Urbanist

Make your own dream-catcher using lace. Black lace table cloth on a wooden dining table


A black lace tablecloth gives an air of sophistication and intrigue to a dining room. White net curtains creating a canopy around a four poster bed

Eye for Design

Adding lace drapes to a bed provides a romantic touch that's practical too. White spherical light shade with an intricate woven pattern


A pretty lampshade is a great way to up-cycle lace. Stylish outdoor chair with raised back and circling leaf pattern

Iona Publishing

Okay, so this isn't actually lace, but the exquisite lace-effect is amazing. Lots of sheer fabric draped onto walls in a cream, beige and gold live space

Interior Alchemy

Go overboard and cover an entire room with lace – this evokes the feeling of Miss Havisham's room in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. A tall floor lamp, with square base and brown patterned fabric sides


A stunning floor lamp with lace-effect stand and shade. A baby cot with cream lace draped around the outside, trailing to the floor


A baby crib adorned with lace is simply stunning. White wicker furniture in a living room with white round coffee table and touches of pink used to accessorize the room

About Interior Design

If you love Shabby Chic, there's no doubt you love lace too.

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