Tell-tale signs that you're drinking too much

There's few that don't like a tipple or two, but is your home showing tell-tale signs that you're drinking too much? We take a look at some of the signs that may just say more about you and your lifestyle choices than you may think!

Large glass chandelier made from recycled glass bottles

Image: hammer-and-heels

When too many wine bottles are embarrassing to put out in your recycling bin you make your own chandelier - it's a fabulous way to recycle and stop the neighbours gossiping.

An upcycled cork bath mat, by a bathtub


If you've got plenty of empty wine bottles you'll also have lots of corks; turning them into a useful and practical bath mat is a great way to make good use of them - just make sure you use real wood cork not plastic ones.

Having enough corks to make a chair may just be a give-away to the amount you're really drinking.

A side table in the design of a large wine bottle cork

Image: foodiggity

You're not afraid to embrace your love of the finer things in life with a stylish champagne stool/table on display in your home.

A chess set with the pieces crafted out of corks

Image: poppytalk

Your thoughts wander to drink even when playing chess - you just can't help reminding yourself that many strategic games are best played with glass in hand.

A tall irregular wonky set of drawers

Image: demilked

You buy furniture which is already leaning so you don't feel as if the room's spinning.

A sitting area with four armchair and coffee table and lots of wine bottles in two racks

Image: designyoutrust

You ditch the usual living room displays in order to keep your precious wine in-sight at all times.

You choose a wine coloured carpet or rug so that any accidental spills don't show up too much.

You could have sworn you shook hands with the door knob!

A red table that looks like red paints is dripping over the edges and over the legs

Image: nytimes

You're convinced the wine is dripping off the table and onto the floor - it seems such a waste.

A cocktail, mixer and table tennis paddle and ball

Image: taylorherring

You can't decide whether to play table table tennis or have a drink - why not do both?

A white room that looks like someone has had a paintball fight inside of it

Image: paperblog

You're constantly seeing spots before your eyes.

Your occasional spa treat has become a daily ritual. These examples make you think.........don't they?

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