When decorating a teen’s bedroom, there is so much more at stake than simply a tasteful finish. Teenagers want their bedrooms to express their individual style and who they are becoming as they mature. The most success teen bedrooms are ones that involved the teens themselves in the majority of the décor decision making. For your teenager, it is more about being treated like a young adult and feeling trusted than the décor itself, so try be open minded to their ideas and be willing to compromise. Introducing a set of boundaries and guidelines right from the start will avoid any tantrums and show let them know you are willing to bend within reason.

Unlike rooms for young children, their probably won’t be an overall theme to the room as the interests and influences of teenagers vary greatly and alter rapidly. A much more eclectic style is probably more likely to keep them entertained.

When your teenage son or daughter shocks you with the news of their intention to paint their room black, this is not normally something driven by morbid woes. What this act really is, is an attempt to be taken more seriously and move away from the frills and pinks or blues and balls. Instead of black, offer some other equally sophisticated shades such as a deep aubergine, rich burgundy or chic teal or cappuccino. Then add some dark wooden blinds for real urban cool. And seen as they want to be treated like grown ups explain that grown ups have pictures rather than posters, obviously you must allow them their heroes so offer to better hang their poster collection in some youthful frameless glass mounts. Mix this up with some contemporary wall art.

When choosing furniture remember to consider any hobbies your teen might have. We know that teenagers spend a lot of time surfing the net, listening to music and playing games on their video consoles so look for contemporary furniture that helps house such activities.

Bedspreads, cushions, beanbags and any other soft furnishing are all temporary and can be changed at any point so use such items to show how much space to make decisions you are allowing your teen by giving them total say over them.

Be wary of making your teenagers bedrooms too much of a haven, and certainly do not include a microwave- it may seem like a long way off but one day you will want them to actually leave! Stay alert for tell tale signs that your teen is setting up a landlord free home for life and look out for the following classic give aways- a bath, a toilet, a fridge or, if for instance your address happens to be No 11 Long Lane, any mail suspiciously addressed to No. 11A!

Hopefully all of the clever compromising will pay off as with a room that they feel they had a big influence in designing, your teenagers will treat the space with respect consider it their responsibility- perhaps for a whole week!