Often when shopping for furniture you will come up against a recurring dilemma- predefined and pre-packaged furniture does not always fit with what you had in mind. You spot a style you like but cannot get it in the right size, the right colour or perhaps the right finish. Wardrobes for example will generally have a small shelved section up top with a large area for hanging underneath and this is fine for most people but what if you have lots of shoes that you want to store, or you prefer extra shelving and less hanging space? Understandably, you want furniture that works with you rather than against. As pick ‘n mix furniture is not yet available in outlets outside of our dreams, commissioning some custom carpentry for your home is really the only way to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Custom carpentry will make better use of the space that you have available and help to achieve a much more finished look for your home.

Built in furniture offers the unique opportunity for you to dictate some rules for a change- you can have exactly what you want, where you want; any size, any style, and why not, you are one spending the money.

Bedroom furniture is often the most common type people choose to have custom built. Your bedroom is your private and personal domain, so it makes sense that you would want it just so. You will never sleep better than in your own specifically crafted bed covered with a brand new duvet set! Money can be saved if you purchase wholesale fabric to be used as a headboard covering, you can then use the same fabric to create matching curtains for a really harmonious finish. The bedroom wardrobe provides another opportunity to create something personalizes. A built-in wardrobe is a real space saver, it can be built as deep or shallow as your needs require, it allows you to dictate its layout to the way you store your possessions; you will also have full control over the materials used and the finish.

An exciting feature to have custom built in your home is a utility wall for your living room. Popularised during the sixties and seventies when designers began to think about how we live in our homes rather than simply what we like in them, utility walls are hugely convenient and well conceived. Rather than losing lots of space around a room with randomly sized and placed items of storage and display furniture, a utility wall which contains lots of cupboard, drawer and shelving space can be a real space saver as it makes use of the whole height and width of the wall, with no wasted space in between. Fans of minimal styling will love feature walls as they allow the rest of the room to remain open and clutter free.

It is only fair that I warn you that custom carpentry doesn’t come cheap- you are paying for a highly skilled service. However what you will be rewarded with is a piece of handcrafted furniture that you can be sure is as individual as you are, and your most precious items really will have a special place all of their own.