Taking a novel approach with your décor

Electronic readers and devices may now dominate our lives, but there is still room for books, especially if you take a novel approach with your décor. Staircase with the front of each step decorated like the spine of a famous book

Kay S Fittings

Give your stairs a unique look by using enlarged book spines on the front of each step. A table covered in book pages, looks like a table cloth

The Nester

Take the pages from your favourite novel and use them as a decorative table cloth. A small white bathroom with pages from a book stuck on the wall


Use book pages to add interest to the wall and provide a little light reading in the bathroom. A bathtub with the spines of books used to decorate the outside of the tub

Bundle of Books

This awesome bath is perfect for book lovers. A curved hook shaped chair made from recycled books

The Second Hand City

Use a pile of books to made yourself a reading bench. Two lamps, with lampshades that look like a collection of books

Paper & Felt

There's lots of different ways to transform books into table lamps. A pub with the side of the bar covered in the spines of hundreds of different books


Old books add a unique look to the front of a home bar. A living room side table that looks like a stack of old books

Susan McCarty

Stack a pile of books up to make a coffee table. A bed headboard made from opened books

Grab Lists

Open books make fabulous headboards. Ornaments with heads made from book pages concertinaed open around a central point


Sculpture books into vases or stand-alone display pieces. Dark green reading chair, with wallpaper on the wall that looks like lots of books on bookshelves


Create a book wall using wallpaper if you don't have enough old books laying about! Beach chairs in pink and orange with fabric section designed to look like book covers

Trend Hunter

Have book inspired deck chairs in the garden or on the patio to show your love of books. Grey home library with shelves on either side of the room and two sofas facing each other in the middle, with large window in the background

Furnish My Way

Home libraries are bang on-trend, so make your books earn them keep by using them as an integral part of your décor. A double bed made from books, which are stacked and glued together to make a bed frame

Full Circle Press LLC

Make a bed of books! You'll need plenty of them, but put a mattress on top and you'll be able to read in bed.

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