Unlike some other areas of the home, the bedroom is one of the most straight forward and easy rooms to design. Whether it be your master suite, spare room or child’s room, a few simple steps will give the space a sense of style, cohesiveness and sense. The most effective way to do this is to update your soft furnishings.

Available from nearly every homeware and department store; matching or complementary curtains and bedding sets provide even the most novice of interior designers with a well balanced and coordinating starter point for the bedroom. The only downside of these sets is people often assume that any style and colour will automatically work in every room and environment, when in fact this is far from the case. Just as with any other design decision, other elements such as existing colour and pattern, size, light and mood need to be considered.

For smaller or darker rooms, maximise the sense of space by using lighter coloured bedding and curtains in a plain or delicate pattern. To get the most out of the light in the room, you could even opt for a design with a silk or sateen finish perhaps with a luxurious appliquéd design. Add depth and detail by using complementary scatter cushions, tie backs and throws in darker shades or stronger patterns.

If, however, you prefer bolder patterns; instead of choosing matching curtains and bedding, opt for complementary sets. For example, choose a funky bedding set in dark or bright tones and pick out one of the lighter shades and use this for plain curtains which will complement without overpowering the space.

 If you have a larger room, you can be much more liberal and daring with your choices. Shop around and discover the huge variety of options available for you. Although it may be tempting to purchase every part of a bedroom range, this can look clumsy and over the top. As with all soft furnishings, remember to create a visual sharpness in your design by layering plains and patterns. If you opt for a heavily patterned bedding set and curtains; lift the look with plain and textured scatter cushions and throws.

Furthermore, why not use your curtains for dress curtains and hang a complementary blind in a plain fabric for everyday use? To keep the space stylish and not over the top, paint the walls plain to balance your more elaborate, statement making bedding. Just because it is plain, does not mean it has to be boring. For example, create a feature wall in one of the brighter colours within the pattern for a central focal point.

 Whatever size and style your room, matching bedding sets and curtains offer a well-coordinated and effective option for your interior design. Use these ranges as a guide and remember to consider the other elements of any design scheme. With a well thought out and clever combination of matching pieces and individual accessories, you will create a sharp, beautifully coordinated and balanced space to aid the very sweetest of dreams.