Similar to wallpaper, the tile industry has recently been under somewhat of a design renaissance. Now, more than ever, there is a huge range of beautiful and unique tile styles to choose from for both the contemporary and traditional home. Not only are the colour variations and size range considerably more diverse, tiles are also now of a much higher quality which a fantastic choice of fake marble and even wood options to choose from. 0ne trend which has stood out in particular within the interior design spectrum is the use of super sized tiles especially in bathrooms. Consequently, this article will take you through all things tiled and super sized to ensure a clean, minimalist and designer finish is created in your bathroom.

Super sized tiles, many would argue, are the most common sense and beautiful way to capture everything you would desire from a hard tiled surface. The smooth even plains with an optional shine give a high finish and glamorous look. The long and simplistic line formations accentuate the angular style of the material and help to break up the plains in a subtle, sophisticated and modern way. And finally, the larger tiles not only appear minimalist but also provide a considerably more hygienic and low maintenance option as less joins means less grout which results in less mould, dirt and scrubbing!

As touched upon, there are a huge range of super sized tiles available from black gloss to stone. Generally speaking, unless your bathroom is a considerable size, it is advised to stick to lighter more natural tones to maintain the clean and bright feeling most desire for their bathroom. Furthermore, if you intend to tile both the floor and walls a lighter shade will also ensure that the design does not become too overwhelming. Unlike the fashion in previous decades to mix and match tiles in an almost mosaic style keep your super sized tiles uniform and the same. The beauty of this product is its simplicity and sophistication which will be somewhat jeopardised if we start mixing colours and textures.

As touched upon it can look hugely effective to tile both your floor and walls in the same tile. Not only can this often be economically beneficial it also helps create a real sense of design when finished to a professional standard. To break up the pattern choose a bathroom suite in a contrasting texture. For example, if the tiles are glossy choose a matt suite and vice versa. Furthermore choose a design with a rounded and smooth form to soften the feel of the room and add a bit of feminine curve. Alongside this add large mirrors, or even mirror lamps /coordinating plants and striking sculptures and accessories as appropriate.

To summarise, super sized tiles offer a contemporary and practical solution for your bathroom and will immediately create a sophisticated and chic design. To soften the overall finish it is best to add a curvy and contrasting bathroom suite and dress with textural and flamboyant accessories.