Super Hero Rooms Can Make Dreams Come True

The love of superheroes, old and new, is gaining momentum within the world of chic interior design. Parents and kids are no longer satisfied with a few informal posters blu-tacked to the walls; from bedding to every imaginable accessory you’ll be able to find them for your favourite superheroes. There’s nothing like starting kids off young in the hopes that they’ll share parent’s passion for their icons; nurseries and toddler’s room are also being given subtle touches of superhero fever.

Loke You

1. You’ll find that many of the toddler and young children’s bedroom designs are age appropriate – that means the décor isn’t overly complicated and yet still enables them to have a superhero themed room.


2. Every child’s bedroom should have a night light; this awesome Spiderman fibre optic wall light will really pack a punch, shedding enough light without being too bright.

By Stephanie Lynn

3. This kid’s playroom has just enough superhero detail to give it stunning style. It also shows that kids can pledge their allegiance to more than one superhero at any given time.

Lori1010 Head Above Water

4. A great way for superheroes to help your kid learn to tell the time.

Design Dazzle

5. A super nursery – loving the wall art which is ‘baby’ friendly – no scary faces just lovely bright primary colours and shapes for them to gaze at.

Picture My World

6. Cartoon styled superhero wall décor is a fabulous idea for toddlers.

Geek Sugar

7. A more grown-up touch to wall art; still using a mix and match approach so kids don’t have to favour any particular hero if they don’t want too.

Theme Rooms

8. Not sure that you can call this Spiderman bed a replica of the skinny chap we see climbing up walls, but there’s bound to be some youngsters who will adore sleeping in it!

World House Design

9. These impressive wall murals transform a bedroom from a kid’s into one that will ‘wow’ teenagers.

Bedroom Wise

10. Batman fans will be bowled over with this striking bedroom furniture set; it comes complete with bed, chest of drawers and awesome bedside table.


11. Table lamps with superhero boots as the stand and their insignia as the shade will bring a touch of chic whimsy to any youngsters or teens bedroom.


Siblings sharing a room can be a nightmare when it comes to décor. A 7ft dividing screen may just be the answer you’re looking for; especially if it has favourite Ironman and Captain America on one side.


13. Themed bedding is an effective way of bringing a superhero into a bedroom without having to have all the accessories unless you want to. It’s also a great way of keeping up with the latest and hottest film releases too. Don’t forget the new Captain America film release on 4th April.

Slippery Brick

14. This awesome plasma TV is definitely for teens and parents only. Marvel has got together with RTC23 and released “the ultimate comic fan’s TV”. You can choose which superhero you have on the bottom corners of the TV’s frame and of course as the screen saver. You have to admit that it must be like a superheroes’ dream come true to have one of these awesome televisions in their bedroom.