When decorating with a summer theme in mind your approach should an informal, whimsical one. Soft colours such as lemon and sky blue, casual fabrics and materials like natural cotton and wicker and lots of plants are all popular summer themes in interior design. It really doesn’t matter whether your home is modern or traditional, all types can benefit from a touch of summery design. The long, sunny days and abundant green for the summer landscape can be reflected with colour, texture, and portable accessories for a fresh, summer décor.

The colours of summer reflect the soft blue sky, verdant green lawns, and sun-filled days. Whites, from ecru to designer white, are the ultimate summer colours. Blues, from baby to navy, are also common in a summer palette as are lemony yellows, brilliant greens, and pastels of all shades. To really refresh a room for summer, paint it bright white then use one or a combination of the colours mentioned as accents to add interest.

Remember, paint doesn’t have to remain consigned to the walls. Stencilling and painting furniture is a great way to spruce up older items in need of some summer-time TLC. Old furniture found at second-hand shops and yard sales can be given a new life with nothing more than a fresh coat of paint. You could even individualize these pieces with hand-painted flowers, leaves, and other summer designs. Don’t worry too much if your painting skills aren’t up to touch as stencilling kits can be found at most DIY stores.

Create bright summer window treatments (i.e. ready made curtains, vertical blinds etc) in provincial yellow, lavender, or sienna to aptly frame your summer-time views.

Wicker has made a real come back over recent years. Though extremely popular in the garden, what most people don’t realise is that it was originally intended to be used indoors. It first became popular in the 1930s as an affordable alternative to the heavy wooden pieces of the early 20th century. Later, wicker furniture became a favourite of 1950s porches and patios. Today, wicker can be used all over the home to stunning effect and is a cheap and easy way to add a summer feel to your rooms. Good, early 20th century wicker pieces can still be found at antique shops or even car boot sales.

For newer design simply look online or visit your local garden centre or furniture store. A huge selling point of wicker is that you are not restricted to the colour you bought your furniture in as it can be easily painted to adapt to any colour scheme. This kind of adaptability is what makes a piece of furniture a long term investment, making wicker the perfect summer buy for both the outdoors and the indoors.

Houseplants make perfect summer themed ornaments for your home. If you are a beginner to garden or simply don’t want to have to spend too much time tending to your plants, Peace Lilies, Yuccas, Crassulas, Draceanas are just a few good examples of the types you should be looking for.

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