There is something so inviting about a beach home and weather permitting - summer holidays by the sea are a dream for couples and families alike. This is a home from home and to enjoy your holiday to the max you will want to decorate the interior to suit your individual style - just as you would in your real home! We don't want to have stress running up to the summer though - which is why we will be focusing on smaller changes to your beach home's interior. Read on to discover some makeover tips and how to make the most of your favourite summer residence. One of the first points to decorating your beach home is to work around a theme or specific style. Perhaps it is obvious but a popular trend is to have a décor inspired by the sea and the beach. This does not have to mean that your holiday home will resemble all the others by the sands - this theme can be interpreted in many ways to suit your individual tastes. Two elements of this style are light and breezy colours and natural materials. Being near to the beach can have its pitfalls with all of the salty air, sand and water that can be brought into the home. The good news is that this can be counteracted by some practical design ideas. Carpets will have a hard time in the beach home - they will wear down easily and are a nightmare to clean! Much better is to go with wooden flooring or tiles which will withstand the elements better and can be cleaned easily.   To keep with the beach theme you should look for natural shades of blue, green or even yellow. Some cosy cushions and throws for the sofa, a piece of artwork to jazz up white walls or even beautiful cheap bed linen in your chosen colour. When adding finishing touches to your seaside home, there is no better place to find inspiration than to step out into your immediate surroundings. You could even make some accessories of your own if you have a creative streak. Take the family out for a stroll on the beach and collect some shells and pebbles. You could take a standard mirror and glue the shells to the frame for simple beach décor. Take lots of family photos by the sea - black and white photos will have a more nostalgic feel to them and coordinate beautifully with black and white bedding. Make a table or window display with a selection of different shaped bottles and/or vases in blues. Perhaps a message in a bottle?

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