Stylish Kitchen Accessory Designs

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
Whether you have recently renovated your kitchen units or are simply looking to update your current set, purchasing a contemporary or simply stylish range of kitchen accessories can be an economical and highly effective way to add some design wow to the room. From a modest coordinating set of cutlery to a complete set of new appliances the smaller elements you add to your kitchen can be as equally influential in communicating your design scheme as the units themselves. Furthermore, the lower prices and wide range of styles available mean you can use the accessories to quickly update your kitchen in the future. Consequently, this article takes you through some innovative, creative and money saving ways to update your kitchen accessory collection.

When considering your kitchen design scheme the most important and effective objects to consider are those to be left on show in shelves or on the kitchen surfaces themselves. Whether it be a toaster, kettle, microwave, utensil jar or soap dispenser these elements all make a design statement. Consequently, ensure they coordinate with one and other whilst also echoing the design of the units themselves.

For example, in a contemporary kitchen consider stainless steel appliances to contribute to the industrial and glossy finish. For more traditional kitchens; shop around for more complementary styles such as a kettle shaped in the traditional ‘tea pot’ style or appliances with a satin finish in a coordinating colour to your room. Why not even consider a touch of retro by opting for the fabulous diner style appliances in soft candy colours.

Alongside the electronic appliances also review your storage jars and utensils. Consider wooden, marble, glass, steel or plastic jars. Consider metal, plastic or wooden utensils. Again these objects should coordinate, contribute and echo the design statements made throughout the room and can in fact be used to bring other elements together. For example, if you have a wooden table and stainless steel appliances, to help marry these two elements, purchase a wooden storage jar to hold a selection of stainless steel utensils. Simple!

 Alongside the more practical elements why not have some fun and add some more decorative pieces to your kitchen. For instance, in both traditional and contemporary homes, why not paint a small wall in blackboard paint to not only create a cheap and stylish notice board but also entertain your children whilst cooking. Or, for a more enchanting finish, why not collect any used yet decorative bottles and turn them into individual and rustic candlesticks.

Finally, make sure your kitchen is definitely the heart of the home and make personalised table mats using family photographs, children’s artwork or scrap book style contents. These lovely and personalised additions ensure a fantastic conversation point and, once sealed with varnish, can last a considerable amount of time.

 Whatever your choice be sure to balance the practical and safety requirements of your kitchen with the aesthetic desires for your home. In contradiction to that; do remember that practical can indeed be personal and fun to you, your family and your guests.

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