Style revival - part 6 - 1970's new wave

Interior styles of the 1970s are often referred to as being 'retro' and we hope to shed some light on what defined the decade in terms of home design and decorating. The sixties flower power obsession and clashing colours were toned down but not completely eradicated. This was really a transitional period where pinpointing a particular set of design ideals is difficult.

The culture that was once so laid-back that interiors were effortlessly thrown together, was now moving into a more 'grown-up' stage. The days of free love and protests were fading out to reveal young families who were trying to be more responsible for their home life and their work. That isn't to say that seventies culture was overly serious - discos and new wave music kept things fun and this was reflected in homes.

You could say that the psychedelia of the sixties had been exchanged for cleaner and more subtle lines and patterns. One thing that did remain though was colour - avocado green bathrooms comes to mind! When the 1970's had passed, it was a long time before the elements of its decorating would be appreciated or even acceptable again.

What we like about the seventies new wave style today is the sense of fun it creates and furnitures which are both functional and that are built to last. Back in those days, designers would have been keen to quote that their ideas were futuristic and inspired by technological advances.

All of this was brought out in affordable prices too - plastic being the epitome of 1970s furniture design. You may laugh, but plastic has a hard-wearing quality and is a very flexible and cheap material to work with. Browns, creams and oatmeal were the neutral shades of the seventies - earthy brights being thrown into the mix such as orange, mustard yellows or lime green curtains! Or trendy cheap roller blinds made from bamboo.

Fabrics such as corduroy would cover chunky sofas with sausage-like arm rests and shag pile carpets were still popular for floors.   The seventies were funky, they were disco and new wave. A seventies inspired interior will reflect this era and bring an essence of fun to any room. There is nothing preventing you from adding some seventies accessories in with other styles - it can work.

The recent rise of wallpaper popularity can work well in a seventies inspired room - go with a vintage/retro pattern on one feature wall and use earthy orange or purple accents on super king sized bedding. Complete the look with a few funky accessories such as framed vinyls from the seventies or a vintage telephone in orange on a bedside table.

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