Style revival - part 5 - 1960's flower power

Up until the 1960s, 20th century Britain was in the habit of looking to the American's for home interior styles - you only have to think of the Hollywood Glamour years and the 1950s Rock & Roll era for evidence. All that changed in the swinging sixties though as super hip London became the leader in 1960's design - from homes to fashion and back again. It was all about free love and flower power, not to mention the psychedelic pop music that was taking over the world! This was really the turning point for all things 'British' and it was anything but dull!

Flower Power Influences

The 1960's Flower Power look had many influences and was ultimately an assemblage of past styles such as Art Nouveau and Victorian - but not without some serious twists and surprises. Flower Power aimed to do something that had never been seen tolerable in the past - it was a rebellious movement that strove to be anything but 'normal'. The other major influence that is more commonly accepted is that of pop culture - the art of Andy Warhol and David Hockney, the music of The Beatles and the hallucinogenic hippie lifestyle.

Flower Power In Your Home

Without a doubt - the 1960s and Flower Power generation have made decorating from this decade a whole lot of fun. The good news is that this particular style is very free - meaning you don't have to stick to a set of ideals. Just do what makes you happy and inject the colour into your life!

Pattern and colour was the main focus of this look and everything from walls, floors, furniture and décor pieces could be adorned in psychedelic prints, colours and patterns. Floral prints were taken from the Art Nouveau movement - only bigger, bolder and brighter.

  • Free love and free, open spaces where rooms often blended with the next.
  • The hippie lifestyle was so laid-back that furniture was often low to the ground or a seating arrangement of cushions would be placed casually around a coffee table. Lounging around on the floor as made all the more comfortable with gigantic shag-pile rugs - don't go without.
  • Forget about 'colour schemes' when decorating with the Flower Power look - the more clashes the better. It was hip to clash colours such as orange sofas with hot pink curtains or purple with blue - the bolder and brighter the tones, the better for it. You could have a duvet covers bedding in fuchsia pink and dress it up with orange and red flower or paisley patterned cushions.
  • Lighting is creative too and funky lava lamps in the shape of rockets or optic table lamps uk certainly have their place in the 1960's home. You can also dress up existing lamp shades with some Indian style beading in bright jewel colours.

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