Style revival - part 4 - 1950's rock & roll

After the war the 1950's really took off again in terms of interior design and decorating the home became fun once more! It wasn't just about putting some new décor pieces up either - everything changed. A new life had begun and this was shown immensely in home decorating - anything that was old and with memories of the difficult war period was rejected and anything that was new was embraced with mucho gusto!

New homes were designed as open plan spaces and kitchens were given a makeover with fitted units and brand spanking new appliances. The Rock & Roll look was just one of the prime styles of the 1950s home and has remained a classic ever since, often termed as being 'retro'. Rock & Roll Influences: Evidently, this style was influenced by the Rock & Roll era - the music, the American roadside diners and good times!

Surrealism also played a minor role in the look and humorous designs such as sofas in the shape of lips was a more witty approach to the 1950's home. Rock & Roll In Your Home: Let us now take a look at how you can achieve the retro Rock & Roll look into your home with a few tips and ideas:

  • Houses built in the 1950s were smaller than their predecessors which is why they adopted open-planning. You might want to follow the same lead if you have smaller rooms but always check with a professional before breaking down walls!
  • Colours were playful, at times shiny and almost childlike - bubblegum pinks, spearmint greens and vibrant yellows were used with abundance.
  • Black and white or red and white chequerboard flooring was all the rage in the 50's Rock & Roll home - try using it for kitchens, dining spaces or bathrooms.
  • Chrome was common too and used in a range of furnitures and accessories - look for chrome bar stools or typical American diner chairs.
  • This style was all about having fun and good times - why not add the wow factor with an original jukebox or bowling memorabilia.
  • Furniture was often designed with rounded corners and kidney shapes were common for coffee tables. Dining tables were rarely square - go with a rounded or oval shaped top.
  • The Rock & Roll look of the fifties was also influenced by the space age and hence UFO shapes were seen in lighting and decorative pieces. Use bubble shaped suspended lights in aqua blue or red over the dining table and make a statement with a large, bright coloured refrigerator (not so difficult to come by).

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