Style revival - part 3 - 1940's

The 1940's interior design style is often referred to as 'vintage' and 'nostalgic'. The overall look was easy on the eye and created a comfortable and family-orientated atmosphere. To be vintage doesn't have to mean that all of your belongings and furnishings are hand-me-downs or from yester-year - you can buy new items that resemble the era and create that same homely feel.

Some of you will have memories of 1940's styled homes - probably those of your Grandparents and so you might already have some ideas of your own. To help you along though, we have some good suggestions for decorating with an essentially vintage twist for modern homes.

1940's Influences

The 1940's home was influenced by the families of the time - they were large and so rooms had to be too. The family orientated home of the 1940's strove to add as much comfort as possible in an otherwise difficult and dark time. 1939 brought the beginning of World War II and to reflect the mood of the nation, colours were muted and lighting was dimmed. There was almost a 'make the most of what you have' attitude which resulted in a mixture of styles. After the war, new life was breathed into homes and floral patterns such as roses were used in various fabrics to cover old and often tired furniture. The 1940's lady of the house was often skilled in needlework and crochet - this was seen in crochet blankets for the sofa or embroidery on cheap bed linen.  

1940's In Your Home

How can you bring some of the nostalgia of the 1940s into your own homes?
  • If you do have items of furniture or décor pieces that have been passed down through the family then try to incorporate them into your home. If they really don't appeal to you then just give them a little makeover - wood can be given a fresh paint and seating can be given a new upholstering. Just be careful not to ruin the look by being too 'new' - a slightly distressed or worn in look will be better suited to the 1940's styled home.
  • You will have an advantage if you are good with your hands - vintage and hand-made items are a part and parcel of this look. If you haven't the faintest idea or the free time to create your own crochet blankets or patchwork duvet cover, there are plenty of handmade items to be bought from fabric wholesalers UK.
  • Flimsy or ornate furniture had no place in the 1940s home - solid woods were preferred as they stood the test of time and were more functional for larger families. The homeliness and natural look of wood can even be added with wooden Venetian blinds that are simple yet a beautiful addition to the home. Glass fronted display cabinets were popular too - place your favourite antique finds and family heirlooms in them.

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