Style revival - part 2 - 1930's hollywood regency

As the Art Deco style continued to be favourable amongst most home owners in the 1930's, another style was right on its tail and enhanced on the Hollywood Glamour of the times This style was otherwise known as Hollywood Regency and although the name would suggest it was an exclusively American interior - along with the black and white film premières, it did manage to cross the waters and flourish in British homes too.

The 21st century has seen a re-emergence of interest in this glamorous look, attending to both modern and vintage pieces. We will be taking a look at how you can bring this 1930's classic into your very own homes. Hollywood Regency Influences: Elegance was key and accessories were often of a theatrical nature, oriental or Art Deco inspired.

English Regency and Neo-classical styles from the early 1800's were also an influence on the designer's of the Hollywood Regency interior. Hollywood Regency In Your Home: All modern home interiors could be made a little extra special with some Hollywood glamour! Here are some ideas on how to get the look:

  • Despite films being in black and white, the Hollywood regency interior loved colour. Choose from yellows, reds or greens and go for a lacquered effect where possible. If you prefer a more vintage feel to your home then go with strong colours with a slight faded effect - tomato red or peacock blue for example.
  • Choose furniture pieces that have a gentle feminine curve but keep it simple as opposed to really intricate designs. A sofa should be low and elegant. Try to remember that a true Hollywood Regency home was arranged in such a way that guests to parties could mingle easily and chairs grouped together for interesting conversation. Try to hold back from having seating centred around the television. An important piece of furniture would be a cocktail table in the living or dining area.
  • Pattern should be brought in in small doses - think one focal wall with a Chinese inspired bamboo or flower print. Have a look in a fabric wholesalers uk for materials and patterns worthy of dressing up existing cushions with cheap cushion covers. Too much pattern is not good for this look so a couple of accessories or jazzing up your favourite chair would be perfectly adequate.
  • Accessories are very important and you should spend some time hunting for desirable pieces to showcase. Large ornate mirrors were popular in this style's heyday and it wasn't uncommon to have an entire wall dedicated to the reflection of beautiful people! Antique table lamps uk or items made from Chinese porcelain would make for wonderful finishing touches.

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