Style revival - part 1 - 1920's art deco

Art Deco was a movement that came about in the 1920's and became an instant favourite for interior design. So loved was this decorative style that it was still seen in homes throughout the country until the 1940s. Over the seventy years, the beautiful style has seen many comebacks (particularly in the 1980's) and for fans of this movement there is never a wrong time to bring it into your very own home interior.

Art Deco Influences: The predecessor of Art Deco was Art Nouveau and some of its principles were brought forward such as the nature motifs - the main difference being that Art Deco lost the fluid lines of the Nouveau period and turned to Cubism and artists such as Picasso who made abstract and 2 dimensional shapes a (then) modern trend. Colours were bold and geometric shapes were favoured over the fluid forms of Victoriana.

Travel was brought to a whole new level both with the obsession with newer, faster car models and with the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen - making Egypt and faraway places fanciful destinations. This of course gave way to an entourage of Egyptian themed interiors and décor pieces. Art Deco In Your Home: With its abstract and cleaner lines - the Art Deco style can blend in really easy with a modern home. Take a look at some ideas on how to achieve the look:

  • Linoleum was the flooring of choice in those days and was quite opulent. However, in modern times we don't see linoleum in quite the same light! Go with wooden floorboards that are lacquered and if you must have rugs then choose one with a geometric shape and bold colours.
  • For lighting solutions think about chrome and glass combinations which were typical of the time. Cheap table lamps with an Art Deco theme are ideal for lounges.
  • Furniture was strong and pieces were not part of a set. A cocktail cabinet is something you rarely see in the modern home but it was a must have in the 1920s so consider bringing into the lounge or dining room as a focal point.
  • Some colours to match the era of Art Deco include black, bold yellows, reds and greens, metallics such as chrome or gold and cream or oyster for neutral shades.

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