Children love a place of their own to sit and while they may not sit still for long, (it’s something that develops with their age) to have a special place of their own will boost their self-worth and make them feel special. I’m not an advocate of ‘naughty’ chairs (that’s my personal choice), so you won’t find any chairs included in this post that have been designed for that purpose. What you will find is some stunning designs to suit tots and young children.

Fuse Ink

How cute is this little chair with the back rest that looks like bunny ears? It’s gender friendly and is perfect for use in the bedroom or at a little table.


Have fun with your child by building a chair from wooden blocks; okay your child will probably knock it down, but hey, that’s all part of playing and learning!

Digs Digs

Stackable chairs are perfect for homes with more than one child. They’re also ideal if you’re a little short of space too.


Young children will love sitting on these gorgeous chairs with different animal back rests – the colours are perfect for children as well.

Mix and Chic

Any youngster who loves playing space invaders will love this awesome chair. It’s low to the floor so there’s no scrabbling needed to get on to it.


Eco-friendly little rocking chairs with a fresh modern look. I love the tiny one….how cute.


At a cool 76.50GBP (approx.) ($129.99) treat your little princess to her own special chair. It’s a must-have to make any princess themed bedroom complete.

House to Home

Beanbags have always been a firm favourite for children’s seating, now you can have a beanbag style chair personalised with your child’s name - lest anyone forget just whose chair it is!

Global Sources

This Smiley inflatable chair is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It’s also a real space saver when not in use.

Digs Digs

Let children make their own designs with these tub-stools that are filled with pencil-like sticks that can be re-arranged.


Taking a highchair to family, friends or on holiday just isn’t a feasible option. However, designers have come up with this ingenious cardboard "Feedaway" high chair that solves the problem.


Children will love to clamber up and snuggle into these animal chairs – the animal’s arms will give them a great big hug!

Honey We're Home

This is an awesome children’s chair that any youngster will adore. Low to the ground and with plenty of room, it make settling themselves with their favourite cuddly toy and book a synch.

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