Today is Make Your Bed Day. It's a day when we're all encouraged to stop slumming it and make our beds. Your bedroom will instantly look neater by making your bed, but did you know that clean bedding is also good for your health? Bedbugs are on the rise so to speak. We may associate them with the past but today they're more prevalent than ever; furthermore a bedbug infestation can make you feel pretty rotten both physically and emotionally, not to mention that you may also be covered in nasty red bites.  

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Shake up your duvet and it will be light and bouncy again – those lumpy bumpy bits that are so annoying will also disappear!  


There are a variety of ways you can make a bed – some people go for the strictest of regimes while others are a touch more relaxed about it.


If you want a neat looking bed be prepared to do neat corners too.  

Art of Manliness

It can be quite tricky getting your head round 'hospital corners' but once you do you'll soon see how flat and smooth your bottom sheets can be – or opt for fitted sheets and do away with the hassle!  

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If you don't have a bed with adjustable height, like hospital beds, make sure you bend correctly to avoid hurting your back.


Having your duvet cover inside out and holding firmly onto two opposite corners you can change your duvet cover with minimum fuss.

Bedroom duvet Spot

If you can't get your head round the easy way to change your duvet cover just climb inside!