We're always being told to think outside the box and that's certainly the case with the designers of these awesome pet homes.  

Distro architecture

Fish swimming around in side a bird cage – the illusion is fascinating.  


I bet you can't resist saying awe when you see this little puppy has made himself at home inside a large tea cup!  


Take your pet to work takes on a whole new meaning with this fish carrying handbag.  


This storage cupboard has been transformed into spacious dog home.    


Strange New Products

If you get fed-up with not knowing what to do with your shredded papers this hamster cage has the answer – you do the shedding and your hamster gets a clean bed!  


Don't squish spiders with your shoes – put them inside and take them for a walk instead.  

Strange days Indeed News

If you thought exercise wheels were only for hamsters think again!