Bright and refreshing using cool greens in your bedroom will make you feel cool and your bedroom chic! These classic colour combinations can be used in a variety of different ways to suit all interior design styles, from traditional to contemporary and every style in between. Let's start by looking at white bedrooms which use cool greens as an accent. White walls, ceilings and floor can look at little clinical and devoid of any character, include cool green as an accent and the whole dynamics of the room will change. You'll have a refreshing bedroom which oozes style and flair. Choose duvet cover sets which have a white background colour and cool green for the pattern. It's up to you and the style of your home whether you choose foliage, floral, stripes or geometric patterns. As most duvet sets are reversible you can also use plain bedding and by folding the top of the duvet back you'll see a peek of the accent colour. The same method can be used for cheap curtains, make sure that they are reversible or have a contrast colour as the lining, then pick up the lower corner at the leading edge of each curtain and pull it back across the face of each curtain to expose a small section of the accent colour – hold in place by using tie-back and hooks. The cool green accent colour can also be used in floor rugs, bed throws and accessories to bring the room together rather than having one isolated flash of colour – although this idea would be perfect for contemporary styled bedrooms. Next we reverse the colour-ways and use cool green as the main colour and white as the accent. All you have to do is swap white walls for green, green bedding for white etc. and use green on the walls, ceiling and floor. By using two colours you can swap and change your soft furnishings without having to completely redecorate the room. When you use white as your main colour its easy to move onto another colour should you tire of cool green. Offering a refreshing and calming colour scheme, white and cool green bedrooms are super colours for master, guest and children's bedroom. With a natural look, these colours are easy on the eye and yet provide you with a bedroom which is stylishly practical and easily achievable, even on the tightest of budgets.