The sun is beginning to lose its strength, the heady warm days of summer maybe drawing to a close, but that doesn't mean you have to prepare for hibernation. Be inspired by the season and give your home one of this year's biggest interior design trends 'bringing nature inside your home' by using the rich colours of autumn.

The Warmth of Reds:

Reds are a great colour choice for autumnal themed décor. Even if you don't want to redecorate a room from top to bottom, adding red soft furnishings will give a room visual warmth. Swap curtains for full length, if you don't already have them, be inspired by the changing colour of the leaves to bring a touch of seasonal décor into your home. If you don't have double glazed windows go for thermally lined curtains to help keep the room free from draughts and chills.

Rich Golds:

Rich and opulent gold is the perfect autumnal colour for your home. It's perfect in the bedroom and the living room. To get the look use a variety of golden tones or coordinate an entire room with the same shade to get a luxurious style. Be inspired by the changing colour of leaves and bring the autumnal outdoors inside.

Beautiful Browns:

Browns don't have to be bland and boring. Take a close look and you'll find browns come in a wide range of hues and shades that can be used as the main or an accent colour. Brown is an earthy colour that sits beautifully nextto creams, tans, and greens. It has the ability to calm a lively décor without being detrimental on the overall effect.

Lively Oranges :

Orange is one of the more lively colours of autumn. It's fiery nature is perfect for modern and contemporary décors. Use it sparingly or you may find that it's too overwhelming on the eye. Orange also brings a warm look and feel to a room, its vibrant nature makes it a good choice for family living areas and children's rooms.

Sunset Pinks:

Autumn isn't all about reds, golds, brown and orange. take a look at an autumn sunset and you'll see gentle hues of pinks and blues. These subtle colours are perfect combinations for any décor, furthermore they are two of this year's colour trends.

Ever Greens:

Green is a calming colour, associated with nature all year round with a range of hues and shades, from the dark green of spruce to mid greens of laurel, they add colour and texture to the garden and can do the same for your interior. Use lighter greens in bedrooms to create a calming ambience or brighter greens in offices to give a positive creative energy. Green looks fabulous with neutrals, but can also be used with other autumnal colours, such as browns and red, for a fresh modern look in dining rooms and kitchens.
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