Brightness citrus lemons, limes and oranges offer a striking way to freshen up a kitchen or dining room. Any one, or a mix, of these bright colours are a recipe for success in many interior design styles. From traditional to contemporary bursts of zesty citrus colour pops can rejuvenate the tired-est looking eating area. Tangerine Tango may have been last year's Pantone colour but that doesn't mean to say that you have to do away with it to be on-trend this year. The vibrancy of the colour makes it a perfect partner for brilliant whites, polished steel and even black. If you did give your kitchen or dining room a colour boost of Tangerine Tango why not add a touch of lemon or lime to keep it looking refreshingly new? These colour combinations are also perfect if you want a retro look, stepping back to the Swinging 60s with psychedelic wallpaper and retro bar stools for relaxed and informal coffee and snacking. Simple touches such as adding a new lime green curtain to a window or back door can work wonders, seat pads are a fast and effective way to change the colour chairs or stools. However, it's the accessories which will make the biggest difference if you're not going for an entire makeover. Make sure the accessories you choose match the style of your home. Bright lime green kettles and toasters look chic and very stylish left on display. Of course Mother Nature provides the ideal accessories in the form of fresh fruit (oranges, lemons and limes) displayed in funky steel bowls if you're taking the retro route or olive wood fruit bowls if you want a more traditional look. But don't stop there, the trend for showing off collections is gaining momentum so now is the chance to make a display of brightly coloured plates, mugs etc. - don't forget your walls are a great place to show off retro posters or to add shelving for displaying your collections. Admittedly you have to be brave and love bright colours to use these intense hues, however, you have to also admit that they are a fabulous way to brighten any morning, setting you up with positive energy to face the day ahead.