Forget avocado green, for those you who don't remember the sickly green of the 70s, avocado was seen everywhere, including bathrooms where coloured baths, sink and even loos were this somewhat sickly colour, today's green have moved up a level to bring a fresh clean look to our homes. Of course Pantone colour of the year 'Emerald Green' is a great shade to start with, but you do have to like bold colours if you're going to use it successfully in your home. Spring is all about rejuvenation as the grip of Winter passes and new life bursts from the earth. The colour shades and hues of greens given to us by Mother Nature are extensive, from dark ever-green tones to the paler shades of leaves and petals there's a green to suit everyone and every style of home. Step up to the plate so to speak in your kitchen or dining room by using a fresh Spring green. You don't have to swamp the room with colour – in fact quite the opposite - using green as an accent colour is a stylish way to bring a new look to your rooms. Green teams surprisingly well with a whole host of other colours, as well as white and cream. Be inspired by nature itself if you're unsure whether colours compliment each other. Green and white kitchens and eating areas are full of vitality and a great way to 'wake up and smell the coffee' both literally and within the world of the the current and emerging trends of interior design. It's easy to bring a touch of green into your existing décor, seat pads, tablecloths, kitchen blinds and dining room curtains are probably the easiest and most affordable ways. Any or all of these can be added in a day without having to get your hands dirty so to speak. Look at interior design blogs online to get a feel for how you can transform the look of your home – there's some great interior design ideas for you to be inspired by. You don't have to copy or replicate them entirely however, they are a great springboard to get your creative juices flowing to bring a new on-trend look to your home affordably.