The weather may feel like Winter, but you can easily brings a touch of Spring warmth into your kitchen or dining room using beautiful sunny yellows. From the vivid neon yellows to pale buttery shades yellow offers a natural warmth that can be used in any style of home. Neon yellows of course are perfect for contemporary interiors, looking striking against polished steel work surfaces and cupboards. It's also the ideal colour companion for trendy black marble worktops and black high gloss cupboards. Move down a couple of shades and you'll see the classical Mediterranean yellows which can be teamed with blue as we saw in yesterday's post. The intensity and depth of colour brings warmth making it ideal for North facing kitchens and dining areas. The pale buttery yellows suit virtually any style of interior. This gentle shade is ideal for using with white or cream cupboards – it's also great for complimenting natural light wood, for example honey pine or beech, as well as other gentle colours of sage green, powdery blues and even lavender. Whichever shade of yellow you choose you'll find that it brings about a homely warmth to eating areas. The amount you use can also alter the dynamics of the room too much colour saturation and you may find that you morale plummets. Yellow is the colour associated with friendship, so it will (or should) bring harmony to a home; it's also said that it's the colour which helps build confidence and self-esteem, so if you've got the winter blues or are feeling low in spirits add yellow blinds, curtains and table linen to your eating areas and you should feel your spirits lift. Of course you need more than yellow to make you feel good and your home look stunning and what better time of year than Spring to clean – okay, it's not the most enthralling job but it's free and the end results will leave you with a room which is either ready for a complete makeover or one that just needs a helping hand by way of accessories to bring it back to life. If you've always had a white kitchen or a beige dining room consider adding touches of yellow. Begin by slowly adding little splashes of colour in the 'dull' areas and as the colour grows on you you can add more, a little at a time until you're happy with the result.