Although blue is classified as a cold colour if you choose the right shade you'll be surprised just how homely it can make a kitchen or dining room look. The key to its success is choosing the right shade for your style of home. In contemporary homes electric blue or intense teal look striking against steel cupboards and work tops, while pretty duck-egg or powder are ideal for Shabby Chic and country cottages. For an all year-round warmth try using Mediterranean blue and sunny yellow colour combinations. If you want to go for luxury dining step to to the plate with Royal blue and silver. This deep, regal colour sits very comfortably next to silver or steel, which is the colour of cutlery so you won't have to dig too deep into your pocket to get the look. We continue to look at Mother Nature for colour inspiration blue hyacinths, irises, hydrangeas and bluebells all have their own distinctive shade of blue, some with purple undertones which makes them ideal to use of you're aiming for a look which includes the Dulux colour of the year Indigo Night. Another great reason to use blue in kitchens and dining rooms is their ability to look stunning against natural wood colours. From oak to pine, cupboards and dining furniture made from natural or faux wood can nestle against any colour of wood and look beautiful. It's also wise to choose a tone of blue which brings plenty of light into kitchens, particularly if they're small, and while this typically means using the paler tones don't forget that any reflective surfaces, such as polished steel or glass, will also help to distribute light. In dining rooms the darker tones provide a more intimate feel making them perfect for entertaining and dining with family and friends or just for a quiet night in for two. If you don't fancy having blue walls turn to accessories for adding pops of colour. While you won't find blue fruits to display (there are blue berries of course) dainty blue teapots, cups and saucers are ideal accessories for Shabby Chic and country living kitchen and dining areas. In contemporary homes polished silver and steel will be the show stoppers, while Mediterranean motifs can use yellow curtains, rugs and blinds against intense blue walls to create a warm and homely look.

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