Rugs are fantastic when used in open spaces as they help to define zones and can bring splashes of colour to a lifeless space. Some ideas for placement would be in front of a bookcase to define a reading area or in front of the sink in the kitchen; we also love to see cosy rugs placed in front of a fireplace or beautiful window. Just remember that if you are placing a rug in high traffic areas it is worth referring to our fabric guide which will reveal the materials which last longer when walked upon regularly. A rug can also be used in home decorating to either bring focus to a much loved floor or to draw attention away from a non-loved floor! If you have beautiful hardwood flooring then you won't want to cover it up with rugs - but you might like the idea of a smaller rug in a neutral or block colour to draw the eye downwards; then revealing the beauty of your natural floor covering. On the other hand, if you have a floor which has seen better days, think about hiding it as much as possible with a large area rug and attractive pattern; this way the eyes will fix on the rug and the furniture that is placed on it or by it. Rugs can be a great way at drawing in one's attention - but if you want to use them to highlight a piece of furniture for example - choose your design wisely. Let us say for example that you have just recently bought a patterned sofa for the lounge and somehow something is missing from the picture; it is likely the addition of a rug. Look at the sofa's pattern and determine the colours used; pick out one colour and find a rug to match. You can even buy a patterned rug so long as the colours are joining the two pieces together to prevent chaos! If you fancy having a rug as a focal point then you will want the rest of your décor or furniture to be quite subdued in terms of colour and pattern - this way you can go for daring designer rugs that nobody else will have! Another great idea when using rugs for home decorating is in smaller spaces where you wish to give the impression of more space - a more open environment. If this sounds like a plan, choose rugs that have a subtle and small print in light, tonal colours. The exact opposite would be a large open plan room that doesn't have that welcoming or cosy atmosphere - choose rugs by colour with darker hues such as deep browns, reds or forest greens.

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