So what are the benefits of rugs that make them so essential in home décor? The truth is that the benefits are many, some of which will apply to all home owners whereas others just a few. When you are reading through the benefits of rugs, it is key to make a mental note about which of them are most important - this in turn will help you to narrow down your options when searching for the perfect rug. Let us take a look in more detail at what the main advantages are of owning a beautiful rug for your home - which brings us straight to our first point: beauty! Beauty - With so many designs to choose from, rugs for the home can be found to please all decorating tastes and help to define your personal style. They are a great way to add accent colours to a room or to bring in some interest with pattern. Many of the rugs today are loved for their artistic beauty - new prints and designer rugs are becoming available on a weekly basis! Admittedly, some of these rugs will act as a statement piece to the room - a décor piece that immediately draws the eye in for a closer look. Others will be less dominant in a space, but nevertheless compliment the rest of the décor and bring the room together. The design of a rug is so much more than just a pretty picture - each rug is designed to help set the atmosphere or mood of its venue; think how a brightly coloured pattern rug will help to liven up the children's playroom or how a deep pile in sensual red will highlight a romantic bedroom. Beauty and practicality come hand in hand with floor rugs. Staying Safe - Just like carpet would cushion minor falls, rugs can be a good addition to the home for safety measures. You will need a rug and use anti-slip matting underneath which stops it from moving around or bunching up. We are moving fast in the direction of wooden floors and parquet flooring that carpets are less desirable than ever before - but thank goodness then for rugs which manage to give us the best of both worlds! In terms of the safety aspect of rugs, this might be more of a benefit to those who have young children, pets or seniors within the home. Furthermore, large area rugs help to keep furnitures in place - there is nothing worse than leaping into a chair and having it slip from beneath you on a highly polished floor! Reduction Of Sound - Have you ever noticed that rugs can help to reduce sound levels? If you have a noisy neighbour below then an area rug is going to help drown out some of that techno music/sleepless baby/DIY project!

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