As the nights get lighter and the days get warmer, reflecting this in your home will ensure your home remains on trend and up to date. One of quickest ways to update your home with a spring theme is to place slipcovers on sofas and dining chairs. Replacing tired old seating is expensive and often unnecessary, using slipcovers to breathe new life into them gives you access to so many finishes.

The change is particularly dramatic if your upholstery is dark or rich as a slipcover in a soft floral pattern or seasonally influenced pastel yellow will bring all of the cheeriness of a spring day right into your living room. Replace heavy throws or winter fabric pillows with light and decorative pillows made from cotton or silk. Your living room or bedroom will take on a garden-fresh feel with the use of creamy fabrics or fun fabric patterns featuring butterflies, honey bees, bunnies or birds. These lighter and whimsical fabrics are also ideal for springtime bedding when used as duvets, or bedding sets.

A fresh coat of paint on the walls or even over some old furniture will have an instant impact on your home. A lighter colour will increase the feel of space and therefore have a calming effect, whereas a bright and sunny colour will add life and vibrancy to your rooms.

Another cost effective and time saving way to add instant freshness to your home is with fruit and flowers. Place bouquets or baskets of aromatic fresh-cut flowers or silk stems on hallway tables, kitchen islands, dining tables, coffee tables, bathroom counters, and bedside tables. Tulips, daffodils, marigolds, daisies, and violets are all perfect springtime flowers. Bowls or platters filled with lemons, limes, or oranges can also have a hugely invigorating impact on the décor of any room. Though nothing can beat the uplifting freshness of real flowers or fruit, they do tend to have a short shelf life.

Silk flowers and faux fruit can often look just as good as the real thing and can be dusted off every March to look as good as new. If you do choose the synthetic variety, you can still add the element of aromatherapy with scented candles, oils, or incense which suggest the perfume of new spring blossoms.

Window dressings can play a big part in updating your home to remain in keeping with the seasons. Allow as much light as possible to flood your home by removing heavy draperies in favour of prettily embroidered voiles or even a modern and unfussy set of vertical blinds- which come with the added bonus of allowing you to redirect the suns glare during peak summer months.

To freshen up your floors, roll up large and heavy area rugs and replace them with bamboo or sea grass rugs, or just go rug-less for a season- if your living room arrangement looks a little lost without something to sit around, using a whimsical object like an old chest as a central coffee table will help give the room focus whilst retaining a lazy air of informality.

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