For today's bedroom inspiration we turn our attention is to using blocks of colours. This interior design trend has been around for many years, and this year it is forecast to become one of the biggest trends. It's easy to achieve and you don't even have the problem of trying to coordinate colours. Big and bold and colour clashing is all acceptable in this into a design style. Obviously you have to love the use of colour to adopt this style, but it does give you the opportunity to bring a bedroom alive without any fuss or hassle. The basic principles are to use bold blocks of colour in geometric forms. Start your project by painting the walls in a bold colour of your choice, to get the look right you mustn't include any patterns. So that the room doesn't become devoid of character make sure you include lots of different textures throughout. For example, keep the flooring plain, whether it be carpet or wood, and add a rug in a different colour and texture, this will also help to ground the design style. You can add pattern via the use of wall art and simple, yet stylish accessories such as bedside tables and lamps. The same goes to your bedding, choose duvet cover sets which are playing rather than patterned – if you go for the reversible ones you be able to flip your duvet over to get another look in the room without any expense whatsoever! Plain, quilted bed throws and is cheap cushions are also a great way to add other blocks of colour and different textures to the room. Don't neglect your window dressing, that to needs to be in blocks of colour as well. Plain ready made curtains uk coordinated with a contrasting plain roller blind would be the ideal choice, especially if you opt for fine sheer voile curtains, as these will soften the edges without distracting from the blocks of colour. Experimentation and trying new things is a great way to bring a whole new look to your bedrooms. These bright colour blocks are ideal for children - tots to teens – as well as for guest rooms or master bedrooms – giving you the opportunity to fill your bedrooms with lots of funky colours this year! Rooms this bright will automatically make you smile!