Spring interior design ideas 7: sun rooms

With beautiful weather and a spring in your step, it's time to bring your sun room or conservatory out of hibernation and make good use of it for the next few months. Sadly many sun rooms are rendered unusable in the UK due to the drop in temperature and inclement weather from late Autumn until Spring.

However, it's now that you should be preparing this room of your house to gain maximum use. Cleaning the windows and roof inside and out may be a mammoth task that you'd rather leave to professional window cleaners; yet if you carry out this duty yourself or delegate it to another member of your family you'll also be able to inspect the blinds at close quarters and make sure they are still functional.

The choice of blinds for sun rooms is extensive and you'll need to chose styles which not only suit your décor and budget but also give consideration to practicality. For example sun room and conservatories which are south facing will bare the brunt of the summer sun and it won't take long before the heat build-up once again renders the room unusable unless you choose blinds which provide adequate protection.

Wooden blinds are a firm favourite, more especially the Venetian styles which allow you to adjust the slats to reduce heat build-up. Look for blinds which have been treated with a protective coating to help reduce fading, although the natural fading of real wood blinds is for many people part of their appeal. Vertical blinds will also give you the same ability to adjust the louvres according to where the sun is in the sky, but if you want coordinating roof and window blinds you'll have to go for another option as vertical blinds can't be used on the roof.

Another area to inspect is the floor, just to make sure that there were no water leaks or damp patches visible. Large rugs will take the early Spring chill off your flooring and of course you'd choose a style, colour and pattern to suit your sun room. Maybe it's time to look for a new colour, with Tangerine Tango being this year's on-trend colour it's easy to incorporate this into your sun room with cheap rugs in an orange hue. Make the most of the warmer weather to get your sun room or conservatory in shape before summer arrives – you'll be glad you did when you're spending lazy days admiring your garden!

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