Spring interior design ideas 6: spring kitchens

In our penultimate post on Spring interior design ideas we take a look at the ways you can bring a touch of Spring into your kitchen without having to carry out a complete redecoration project. Using accessories and a little ingenuity kitchens can be transformed with minimum expense and maximum results. Let's start by taking a look at flooring – we know it has to be practical and easy to clean in a kitchen which can sometimes leave it looking and feeling a little cold.

Cheap rugs in cheerful Spring colours are a great way to add a new look to floors. It's up to you whether you want to choose a rug which is specifically designed for kitchens – these are the types that often have a wipe clean ability as they are treated with dirt and liquid stain 'preventer' products – or whether you prefer to use cheap rugs that can be easily replaced to suit your needs.

If you have a smooth kitchen floor don't forget that it can be slippery even when it's not wet, so it's wise to use anti-slip matting to help prevent you from unintentionally skating around your kitchen! Next we turn to window dressings and like floors they need to be practical as well as functional. Kitchen blinds with a wipe down or sponge clean finish are a great idea and are available in a wide range of colours, plain or patterned to suit your existing colour scheme and décor.

Kitchen cupboards can be painted to give your kitchen a whole new identity however, we're beginning to step into the realms of complete makeovers, so we'll look at using accessories instead. Simple accessories can speak volumes; daffodils or tulips in pretty vases are probably the easiest way to bring a touch of Spring into your kitchen. You may also like to add herbs to your window sill or use pretty cake stands or porcelain tea-cups to pep up the look of your kitchen.

If you choose Spring and Summer colours your kitchen can look as good as new in a matter of seconds. Once you've carried out your Spring cleaning and you kitchen is sparkling, put up your new kitchen blinds, add a rug or two, display fresh flowers in quirky containers and your kitchen will love the attention you've shown! I'm not saying that your cooking will be better or improved but at least you'll enjoy the new look of your Spring kitchen.

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