Spring interior design ideas : 2 – cool contemporary

Contemporary interiors are ideal for displaying Spring colours, especially interiors which are predominantly white. Although the trend for all white interiors still has some following, many designers are adding pops and splashes of colour to take away the stark and clinical look which many 'all' white interiors portray. Bright apple green works in perfect harmony with white making it an ideal accent colour for Spring and Summer. Large rugs with a green pattern will not only help to ground the colour they can also help to distinguish specific areas of a large open-plan room.

The balance of the accent colour and white has to be judged correctly otherwise you could easily end up with a wishy-washy nondescript identity for the room. Other soft furnishings, such as cushions, cheap curtains and blinds can also be used to inject a modicum of colour without being too overpowering. With nature offering so many variations of green hues and shades it's easy to display these as a collection making a statement focal point in a room. The concept is to keep the contemporary theme by choosing soft furnishings and furniture to suit the modern style.

Modular seating is a great way to make a place to encourage conversation and while the television and other high-tech gadgets may be in the room they are not used solely as the focal point, with the customary seating arrangements being governed by everyone being able to see the television screen. Relaxed and informal contemporary living is all about embracing the new interior design ideas and trends and using them to your advantage to make as much use as you can of the space available.

No cramped or cluttered rooms allowed! Trendy storage and a minimalistic approach to furnishings is what make contemporary interiors bespoke and full of subtle – rather than 'in-your-face' – furnishings which are practical, functional and of course extremely stylish. If apple green isn't your favourite colour choice you can still be inspired by Spring colours such as daffodil yellow, purple tulips as your accent colours. However, if your heart remains true to white the green foliage of a snowdrop is the ideal accent colour which is shades darker than apple green. The other extreme is to go for neon green and as neons are bang on-trend this year you would be keeping up with the very latest trends with little effort!

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