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Spring 2015 interior trends - get the look

The season's trends (as ever) are diverse and therefore accommodating to most people's tastes and colour palettes.

Popular colours coming to the fore this season are blue, yellow, blush, mint and marsala, to put it in a very condensed and proverbial nutshell! Style trends are leaning heavily towards 'Nature's Prescription' in the form of bringing the outdoors inwards and getting properly in touch with nature through our interiors.

Pattern trends include the obligatory geometrics and florals but we are seeing a definite tilt towards painterly, watercolour, blurred florals as well as the traditional ones, softer, more curvy lines on geometrics and an artisan, freestyle, homemade and abstract approach to wall art and accessories to name but a few. For the full run down of the season's style, pattern and colour trends, read the full feature and then flick back over here for some ideas and inspiration on how to get the look for less in your home this spring and summer season.


Blue is still an ‘in’ colour and holding its own from last season. The most popular shades will be somewhat lighter than the opulent navy of last season and will emerge as energetic sapphire and royal blues,

From left to right - Malton Blue bedding, Portland Navy bedding, Midtown Blue eyelet curtains

but all shades from cornflower blue through to indigo and deep navy, will be staple colours in interiors this season and will appear in many forms, from bedding to cushions, on walls and even on large pieces of furniture such as sofas and headboards.

'Nature's Prescription' - Bringing the Outdoors In

Undoubtedly one of the biggest style trends to gain popularity this season is the ‘green’ movement. The practice of bringing the outdoors in by introducing rustic, natural and tactile materials from nature into our homes, either in their original, natural state, or as illustrations, prints, textures or colour schemes, is being widely adopted by interior designers and discerning home owners alike.

Wood and leaves are appearing widely in art, photography and interiors. The natural appeal is being adopted in whatever way possible and we'll see traditional wooden furniture and home accessories giving way to raw-edged, unfinished products. But fear not all novice interior designers and alarmed homeowners! If you don’t fancy the idea of an ‘urban jungle’ and copious amounts of ‘scrap’ wood in your living spaces, then the two images above provide some slightly more realistic and slightly less ‘cutting-edge’ examples of how this trend can effectively be adopted in your home.


Bella Kiwi green vertical blinds
White vertical binds at a large living room window

Take our desires to be more in touch with nature and to have more leisure and outdoor time and combine it with a general lifestyle shift towards being healthier people who spend less time in their living rooms and more time in their kitchens (where they gather, chat, cook and eat) before heading outside; we can expect to see architectural changes in our homes, in the form of installations of vast areas of glass, or indeed glass walls, which slide, fold or swivel to give greater accessibility to the outdoors, ultimately transforming the indoor room and the garden into a single space.

The modern kitchen/combined living are above demonstrates this; but more glass means more exposure and these vast expanses of glass will still need to be dressed or covered to provide privacy functionality and protection from the suns rays at times. The simplest, most effective and most economical way to achieve this is with vertical blinds.

Botanique Green bedding

As regards colour, our desire to have ‘greenery’ in our homes draws on a palette of greens and mineral hues, ..........

creating spaces where mimicked or real nature, blends natural elements seamlessly with interior elements. Green itself will become a prominent ‘accent’ colour. Particularly fresh spring greens used against earthy base tones such as brown and grey and natural finishes such as wood, stone and slate.

Mid-Century Modern

‘Mid-century-modern’ has been making a comeback over the last couple of years and 2015 seems set to see an “out with the new - in with the old” mentality, as throwbacks to design elements from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, at the time considered as modern design, will make their mark in 2015, but not in retro style – in a more modern way.

Light cream and beige roller blind with brown and mint green floral design

Green dining room with little light, and light green damask roller blind Beige roller blind in a dark office living space

Multi colour roller blinds in a dark room

Light roller blind in a white room

Using small vintage pieces such as lamps, clocks, planters and cushions in theme will be a popular way to introduce this trend, but we will also see an abundance of mid-century modern furniture being recycled, re-purposed and reintroduced into schemes to create authentically stylish interiors. Keeping things simple at the windows with roller Blinds..........

Purple geometric roller blinds in a living room

Pink roller blinds in a modern living room

or Vertical Blinds on larger windows..............................

Light blue vertical blinds in a dining room

will only serve to enhance this modern and streamlined look, ............................

Dark red vertical blinds in a dining room

alongside the retro accessories.

Bright orange vertical blinds in a dining room

White on White + Layering

White-on-white and all-white schemes will be gracing the pages of our decor magazines this season, for living spaces and bedrooms in particular; ........

Gloss White venetian blinds in a Living Room

where it will create calm, fresh schemes, much favoured by those who like crisp minimalism.

Gloss Black venetian blinds in a white living room

However, if you think white is too plain and too clinical then combine this colour trend with the season’s style trend for layering different textures and introducing colour accents to add more contrast and definition to keep it interesting. A fool proof combination with white is black and the black and white colour combo will work equally as well with the colour accents trick.


Blush pink will be a particularly popular colour on the interior designer's palette this season and offers the versatility of sitting comfortably against other ice-cream tinted pastels, ..........................

Kylie Minogue luxury gold bedding

providing an opulent and almost masculine combination with slate grey and dark steel colours of Kylie Minogue bedding .........................

Traditional and vintage living space with high ceiling and velvet furniture

and a calming contrast against robust and deep colours such as olive green, marsala red, navy, or even black

Eyelet Curtains: Belvedere - Plum

Metallics and Pearlised Finishes

Gold, gold and more gold is predicted to be making a comeback in 2015, ...........................

Kylie Minogue Bedding Vida Gold

but the trend for metallics, whilst still leaning towards the warmer shades of copper and bronze, is shifting more towards a mix of metallic tones.

Kylie Minogue Luxury Bedding Octavia Grape

Mixing and matching gold with silvers, stainless steel, wrought iron and coppers, or going bold with all gold are all favourable options, but there are no rules here really. Introduce the look in any number of ways

Kylie Minogue Bedding Alexa Silver

Pearlised fabrics mixed beaded finishes to add interesting texture can also give a metallic look as well as one of pure opulence and sheer luxury.

Deeper, warmer, metallics such as copper and bronze are very much a part of the metallic colour palette and empathise with the season's trend for earthy tones and natural minerals and materials; and both are easy to decorate with.

Florals for Bedrooms

This year florals have taken on a refreshing twist with fluid, blurred, but at the same time bold, watercolour style designs for interior schemes in living rooms, day rooms and sun rooms.

Camberley Bedding Multi

Camberley Bedding Multi

However, if you're more of a traditionalist when it comes to florals, then rumor has it this season that more typically traditional florals which are given maturity with only a ‘slightly’ modern twist, are to return in a big way for bedrooms this year too, like the delightful Camberley Collection above.

Chepstow Bedding Mauve

Modern florals combined with the season's on-trend blush tones.............................

Janet Reger Bloom Sherbert

are fresh, but in a mature rather than girlish way.

Palonia Bedding Fuschia

A white base against which to showcase florals always creates a fresh spring feel and an uplifting environment!


Yellow is fast establishing itself as ‘the’ colour for interiors this season and particularly for living rooms, but in all rooms in general.

Sweetheart Blockout Curtains Yellow

Flutter Lemon Bedding


Pantone's top tipped colour of the year this year is a rich fruity red hue, aptly named after the brownish red wine that it takes it's name and its warm spicey tones from. So if pastels, calm neutrals, blues, mint greens and yellow aren't for you and you’re more colour confidant that you are colour cautious, then something with a bit more clout and drama to it, like Marsala, might be more to your palette.

This accommodating colour can be used as a block colour on walls or ceilings to add drama and depth to an interior scheme, or simply in furnishings and accessories to add warm accents.

Falmouth Bedding Set Terracotta

Falmouth Bedding Set Cushions

Here it works well as an accent to light beige tones and lime accents in a fresh nautical style.....

Beige and red checked eyelet curtains

Belvedere Red Checked Eyelet Curtains

here it is used against mid beige and pale ocher tones in two modern and on-trend tartan plaid designs.......

Kalisha Spice bedding

and here is used in more volume in more of a Morrocan style, which is kept fresh and modern with the fresh white walls and furniture.

Deborah Red And White Floral Rose Bedding

Blair Cushion - Spice

Marsala shades can even be adapted to florals if you're more of a feminine or traditional interior decorator.

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