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Spring 2015 interior pattern trends

‘Don’t fear Patterns’ is the resounding advice for 2015; and don't be afraid to experiment with patterns, as they are set to make a resurgence in general this year!


Very evident in the pattern stakes this year is the interesting swerve on geometrics. Geometrics are a firm favourite most years with designers, as they offer much scope within interior design and will drop comfortably into most design styles or themes somewhere within the scheme. The new spring season though brings us ‘Smooth Geometry’ and sees geo’s take on the form of geometric lines. Blurred, loose or curvy lines are the order of the day.

Relaxed, fun, energetic and sometimes chaotic even, this trend offers abundant scope for experimentation and for unleashing your imagination, to create original, unique and individual schemes. Simplistic, smooth, designs paired with more traditional geo’s or angled blocking, results in defined and balanced schemes. Walls seem to be the ‘in’ field for applying these loose geometric lines, particularly for the more bold and adventurous interior designers.

They are cleverly balancing their schemes, however, by adding both modern lines and traditional shapes to enrich their interiors, in the form of accessories and extraordinary furniture to create unique looks.

Urban Jungle Cushions Next To A Matching Catwalk Model And Outfit

The pattern cautious fear not though, bold and unusual geometrics are fashionable and effective as wall art, rugs and accessories (such as cushions) if the thought of covering your walls is too daunting; and keeping to a black and white colour scheme will give you more scope for adding varying shapes and lines without the fear of pattern overload.

This trend was evident on the pre-spring catwalks and as a general rule of thumb, if it’s wearable, it will work as an interior design scheme; and colour trends aside, black and white is a classic combination that is on-trend year on year.

Urban Jungle

This look is set to take off in 2015 and is one that matches natural, rustic colours and a rustic feel with modern style.

Two Photos, Each Of Cushions On a Sofa

American Indian and Eskimo influences play a part in this style. Ethnic patterns and complex textures are very much the order of the day and the overall feel could even be described as a cross between an African tribal hut and a typical urban interior. The 2015 pattern resurgence is set to see more complex patterns appearing and playing their part in schemes which embrace an interesting fusion of textures, colours and designs.

A mixture of stripes botanics and motifs, for example, as demonstrated in the image above left. Ethnic designs can add energy and interest to an otherwise drab scheme and can of course, regardless of background or education, make you (or at least your interiors) seem incredibly cultured!

Don’t forget the Florals!

I can’t remember a season when a floral, in one form or another, hasn’t featured in interior design trends. The floral, however, adapts with unrivalled versatility every year fitting in to any style, colour, genre and on-trend palette that you can imagine.

Two Photos, Each Of Cushions On a Sofa

This year florals have a refreshing and modern new take, so expect to see loose, fluid, watercolour style designs with blurred edges, sometimes merely just suggesting florals in a soft, painterly ‘impressionism’ style. Oversized florals, bold and colourful, will work best with careful balance against plain accents and block colours.

Less is more with these powerful prints and sometimes a single piece such as a stunning pair of floor length curtains or just a floral cushion, against solids from the same palette is enough to carry off this eye catching trend. Bright, almost psychedelic shades will look best against block black, dark grey or navy to avoid the ‘chintz’.

Floral Bedding In Cream, Pink And Blue

If you’re more of a traditionalist with florals, then rumour has it too that more typically traditional florals which are given maturity with only a ‘slightly’ modern twist, are to return in a big way for bedrooms this year too.

Collage Of Kylie Minogue Bedding

With regard to actual fabric finishes this season, tactile and textured finishes and embossed or etched designs are ‘in’, as is present in the Kylie Minogue bedding range, as are mirrored finishes and materials that appear milky, opaqued or pearl-like.

And if you’re not a lover of florals then you’ll be relieved to hear that this tactile trend/these finishes translates beautifully into bedrooms, to create delightfully opulent and warm rooms that just radiant elegance and comfort.

Elizabeth Hurley Azari Black And White Bedding

We spend a good one third of our lives in our bedrooms so it is understandably important that they are space where we feel comfortable and relaxed. Keep your colour schemes warm and subtle with this tactile trend to emphasis the fabric finishes but don’t be afraid to add or experiment with fabrics.

Take a Walk On the Wild Side

Last year and indeed for the past few years, animal hide, animal prints, patterns and textures have featured strongly in interior schemes. The trend seems set to continue, fuelled in part this year by our inherent love of nature and the outdoors-indoors trend.

Zebra Print And Animal Print Rug

However, it is Cowhide in particular this year that is becoming increasingly popular; and we are set to see it introduced to our interiors not with just rugs, but with cushions, throws, blankets, and even artwork to endorse the cowhide trend.

Two Photos, Each Using Zebra Skin In The Home

Take a look at the gallery below for some more tasteful Cowhide inspiration

Nine Picture Collage Of Animal Prints Used Within The Home

Gold Spotted Wallpaper

Layering & Mixing – Patterns, Styles and Textures

Layering up our interiors by mixing textures, patterns and styles to add dimension and unexpected interest to a room is another strong trend for 2015; and one that takes no particular skill or interior design qualification other than eye for balance. The only danger is a little overkill, so aim simply to add warmth and tactile elements to your room and not to bury it completely in a profusion of miss-matched clashes!

Fur And Animal Prints Used Within The Home

To achieve the trend simply mix woods and metals in your furniture and lighting choices, mix florals and geometrics with global and ethnic prints; and mix old and new in the form of worn or weathered fabrics with plush cloths and cotton finishes – for example a worn leather chair with a plush velvet couch. As this trend is particularly applicable to fabrics, plaid wools and plush velvets can be juxtaposed with fine linen or even silk.

Elizabeth Hurley Azari Black And White Bedding

Mixing textures, finishes and different fabric weights in this way creates interest and appeal in your room, but don’t limit your creativity just to your choice of fabrics though, as you can also add texture with wallpaper or flooring to intensify your layering fusions.

Release Your Inner Artist!

If you’re a DIY junkie, a crafter, a budding artist, or if you’re simply good at wielding a paintbrush , or even just opening a tin of paint; then allow yourself to indulge in this latest trend as it will be your time to shine in a way that will express your personality, throughout your home, in the most creative and colourful way possible – with no right or wrongs!

Abstract Painting Collage Of Six Canvas Paintings

“Colour splatters, painted abstract designs and watercolour prints will be popular in 2015, especially as artwork , or applied to accessories such as ceramics, rugs and cushions.

Collage Of Two Abstract Canvas Prints

This is a fun trend, so if you’re up for some DIY, even if you’re no Van-Gogh or Picasso then get stuck in and enjoy. Try it on a blanc white canvas and if you don’t like what you’ve done, white wash it and start again! You can’t really go wrong.

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