Children's play rooms aren't a new conception – they've been around for decades in homes of the well-to-do and wealthy – think Mary Poppins! Today, a playroom can also be viewed as only belonging to the wealthy in many ways – namely having a house large enough to accommodate one. However, if you do have an extra room available or are thinking of converting your loft or basement into a room dedicated to children's play you'll love the wide variety of themes and colour schemes you can use.  

Home My Design

Themes are always a great idea for children's rooms. Go for something gender neutral such as playful nautical if you have more than one child.  

 Room Decorating Ideas

Any little girl would be spoilt rotten to have a room like this. However, look around and you'll see some interesting play items amongst the glizt and glamour.  

Minime Playroom

Bright colours work well in a child's playroom. It's one room in the home where you can use lots of different bold and primary colours without worrying whether they clash or not.  

 4 Home Interior

Soft landing play mats, coupled with plenty of storage will help to keep the play room reasonably neat and tidy.  

Home Decorating Ideas

A theme inspired by nature and the world outside the window is a great way to introduce children to being aware of their surroundings. Soft gentle colours and calming and relaxing for both children and adults alike.  

Interior Gallery Design

Another gender friendly nautical theme that would suit toddlers.    

Room Decorating Ideas

If you're going to go down the princess themed route then do it large with a built-in castle!  

Minime Playroom Ideas

Don't forget that kids love to climb and explore – when it's not safe to do so outside bring the apparatus inside if you have the space.  

Dream Design Live

A traditional nursery style playroom for a little girl in a soft pink and cream colour palette.  

4 Home Interior

Play tents are a great addition to any playroom – a little place to hide away if needs be.

Olio Board

A play room packed full of carefully chosen toys and apparatus for children with special educational needs.  

Sunlight Lofts

A spacious loft conversion makes a great play room for older children.

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