Space Saving En-suite Tips

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Including a hotel style en-suite bathroom in the design of your new bedroom may seem like an appealing option. The luxury of having your own personal pampering area within the confines of the bedroom does sound like the epitome of home luxury. Often however the idea is better than the actuality as en-suites are often cramped and unusable due to a poor layout. If you are thinking of building your own en-suite, adhering to just a few simple guidelines will see to it that you avoid such needles but expensive mistakes and ensure your en-suite is a complete success.

Before filling your bathroom with fittings, it is vitally important that you set the tone with the correct colour on your walls. Pale, soft colour schemes tend to give the illusion of more space so go for lighter colours with real freshness, white, lemon, mint, aqua and lavender are all perfect as they add zing without shrinking the space. If you want more of a natural or cottage feel, try gentle earthy tones such as cream, butterscotch or cotton.

Lighting is crucial to opening up the space. You want the room to be as bright as it can be without giving you the urge either to break into a tap dance or confess to a crime! A regular pendant light will do more harm than good in this circumstance as it will make the room feel vertically cramped. Recessed ceiling lights are best as they can be aimed at the main features of the room and refrain from dropping the ceiling height. Remember- for safety, light switches should be positioned directly outside the bathroom rather than in it as the high humidity can cause fuses to blow.  For this reason, PVC curtain fabric should not be overlooked!

Now you are ready to plan the layout of your bathroom. The idea here is to maximise free space by cutting down on anything that is unnecessary. Weigh up how much you need a bath, would a space saving shower cubical be enough? If you must have a bath, choose a free standing type rather than a built in unit. Though this won’t actually make more space, it will leave more of the floor visible and therefore make for a much roomier feel.

A corner sink is also a good idea as it utilizes an area that often goes to waste. Leave out needles extras like a cabinet, radiator or shelves, if you can, free up some drawer or cupboard space in your bedroom to store bathroom items. Alternatively, make use of a neighbouring heater/boiler cupboard, which is actually really handy for drying or warming towels.

The only other permanent fixture you will need is a mirror. Mirrors are a really effective way to make a room appear much larger than it is, especially if you position two on opposing walls. Go as big as your room can manage, but keep the styling simple and linear.

Show restraint when it comes to the final details. A simple hand towel and roller blind in a matching shade is enough to create unity and balance without crowding the space.

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