Some Quiet Please: Creating a Quiet Room

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

A quiet room is an essential component of a successful modern home. But what exactly is a quiet room? Well given how hectic today’s lifestyles can be I’m really not surprised that a room devoted entirely to serenity and calm seems like such an alien notion, and now I am even more convinced that you need one. A quiet room is exactly what it says on the tin and nothing more.

It is a space set aside for the purpose of regrouping your thoughts and soothing your ravaged psyche. Previously, we always thought of our homes as our nest, a place where we can shut out the world and its stresses, and to an extent it still is, but with technological media invading so many areas of our life and home, a full family running about causing havoc, door-to-door sales people, telephones that never rest and a leaky bathroom that is driving you mad you need a sanctuary that takes you away further still, a place that takes you out of your life completely and allows you to just be you.

You’ll be glad to hear that preparing such a space is probably the easiest spot of DIY you will ever undertake in your home, as in this instance, less is definitely more. Start by choosing a room that is as far away from the noise of your living space as possible. Also if you have a main road to the front or rear of your property, try to situate your quiet room on the opposite side of the property to it. A box room is adequate, the loft is even better. If you have no space at all, the garden shed may have to do- it is at least surrounded by nature and is separate from the rest of the house.

Start by clearing out the whole space so that you are left with an empty box. This fresh start will instantly feel very purging and is therefore essential in order to rid the room of any previous memories it may have.

Whether you choose to paint or paper is entirely up to you. Some people need a blank canvas to relax whilst others find floral wallpaper provides something to lose themselves in. Whichever you go for, choose a gentle shade such as lemon, lavender or pale green. White is also extremely relaxing but will require a little upkeep every now and then to remain pure and perfect. Avoid blue as it will feel cold in winter.

Next, choose the thickest, softest carpet you can find. A natural wool pile is definitely best as nature and the natural world should be included in the room as often as possible, as it is when we are closest to nature that we are said to be at our most rested. Unlike other rooms in the house, you do not need to worry about traffic or muddy shoes so opt for light shade such cream, biscuit or even white if that is what you find most relaxing

When it comes to choosing furniture and fabrics, again try to select natural fabrics. Wood, cotton, glass, bracken and stone are all perfect but avoid plastics, synthetic fibres and metallic surfaces. Choose only what you need to be comfortable, whether it is an oversize beanbag and nothing else or a day bed with cupboard space and shelves for candles and books, make sure the space is personal to you.

Lastly, remember to give yourself enough lighting options to cater for any mood you wish to create. A quiet room should allow you to emerge from it in whatever state you feel is necessary to meet the demands of your day.

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