Soak up the view - outdoor bathrooms at their best

On my usual browse through some of my favourite and inspirational design blogs recently, I came across this delightful Decorology post by Ashley, about ‘Absolutely Stunning Bathrooms.’ It captured my attention because apart from the stunning and inspirational images she had featured; her opening paragraph struck a chord with me!

White tiles and light blue walls in a modern and fresh bathroom

I can just about remember the days when I too used to use my bathroom as a mini spa or personal sanctuary to shut myself away from the hustle and bustle of the day, light some candles and fill the bath to the brim with hot water and an overdose of beautifully scented bubbles or bath salts - but alas no more!

These days, as a busy mum, I find that the only time I spend in the bathroom is a quick and invigorating shower in the morning to wake me up, or half an hour or so leaning over the bath making colourful bath crayon creations for my gorgeous little two tear old. I don’t resent that, I’d rather have my cheeky little chappy in my life; but it did get me thinking....

Rewind a few years to a memorable holiday in the Maldives and the stunning accommodation we had, complete with outdoor bath -‘room’! (if that isn’t a contradiction on terms?) At the time this was a bathing experience that was totally new to me and one which felt a little strange at first, but one which I quickly and willingly embraced.

The experience induced a sense of total freedom, bereft of inhibitions and a feeling of being completely in touch with nature and the great outdoors – not to mention feeling clean and refreshed afterwards. In the UK we have just about embraced the concept of Hot Tubs, but obviously we don’t live in a climate where we could consider bathing outdoors on a daily basis due to our inclement weather conditions.

And unfortunately a move to the Maldives is not on the cards for us any time soon, but if you get the chance I implore you to give outdoor bathing a go and to that end, here are some stunning outdoor sanctuaries to convince you to do so. They need no explanation......just soak up the view and enjoy!

Round bathtub and shower on a wooden decking overlooking the sea

Source: Design milk

Outdoor bathtub and sinks in a grey, slate, tile and pebbled private garden

Source: Tripadvisor

Outdoor bath under a wooden veranda in a private garden

Outdoor shower in the corner of a wooden decked and slate garden, with white walls and plants on the edges

Source: The Maisonette

Bathtub on a raised platform, with wooden decking and raised artificial lawn and plants

Source: Lib and Learn

Bamboo screens providing privacy for an outdoor bathtub with mood lighting provided by lanterns

Small round bathtub on a wooden floor that seamlessly slopes upto wooden matching wall panels

Source: Decor Advisor

Luxury bathroom with bath tub embedded in an infinity pool overlooking the sea

Source: Accent on Design

Looking out of the window to see beautiful blue seas and wooden deck right on the sea

Source: One Kin Design

Luxury villa with outdoor bathtub and sinks under a white veranda, with lots of plants and greenery

Source: Kiwi Collection

Large square hottub style bath in a room with floor to ceiling windows, with a view of the river and hills

Source: West One Bathrooms

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