Snug as a bug in a rug 7: delightful guest rooms

The last room we wish to cosy up in our Snug As A Bug In A Rug series is the guest room. Your visitors will appreciate your efforts to make them as comfortable as possible and to make them feel at home. As in other rooms of the house, that snug feeling comes with an emphasis on textiles used and colours; not to forget an inviting bed and perhaps a seating area by the window. Take a look at some of the room ideas below for inspiration. Our first bedroom looks and feels like a charming retreat in the countryside with its light, hardwood flooring, natural textiles such as a large wool rug anchoring the bed and botanical prints.

Original hardwood flooring is best with its wide planks and visible grain; the large beige rug under the bed makes getting up in the morning more tolerable and a botanical print wallpaper gives character. We recommend a warm yet fresh palette with an orange-red, white and cream - even choosing an orange-red for your wallpaper would be a winning look. The bed should look ready to dive into and a deep mattress is a luxury when you can afford it. Dress the bed with a crisp white valance, orange-red sheets, a beautiful embroidered duvet cover in white and pick up all colours again with a striped bed runner.

Take clues from a hotel-chic bedroom when arranging a medley of cushions and pillows - two large white pillows propped up to the back and smaller shams with a botanical print to compliment the rest of the room. Rustic bedside tables painted in cream with orange-red table lamps. When space provides, you could have a relaxing sitting chair upholstered in cream and don't forget to provide some dressing gowns hung from the back of the door. A soothing guest room with lots of white and mint green is given a makeover with warm neutrals, dark furniture and lots of layers.

An immaculate floor of painted white floorboards is made more inviting with the addition of rugs - even layered rugs if you feel confident enough. We would at least put one in as an entrance to the room and two more bedroom rugs either side of the bed; they don't have to be carbon copies of each other but should have something in common. I am picturing the classic beauty of a Chinese rug in beige and cream for the entrance and then smaller shag rugs either side of the bed in cream or beige.

Think medium to dark woods when choosing furniture, it will counteract what was once a light and breezy room with white bedding and curtain sets and mint green walls. Speaking of which, you don't have to change bedding sets or wall paint - save pennies by simply adding a beige or chocolate throw and some wall art framed in dark wood. If you didn't have a sitting chair previously, put one in with beige upholstery - it will make the space all the more homey and snug!

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