Snug as a bug in a rug 6: engaging entrance ways

I know we hark on about how the entrance way should be welcoming and impressive to guests, but really and truly it should be what matters to you as a home owner when choosing its décor. If you are anything like me, you appreciate the entrance way and halls to be as warm and cosy as the rest of the house – you don't want to waddle out of the bedroom in the morning and be hit with a bare and cold hallway, comes as too much of a shock I'll tell you! You want the transitioning from room to room to be observed in subtle décor changes – not from one extreme to another; here – take some inspiration from these interior design ideas.....

  • I rather like this first idea, it ties in two of my greatest obsessions – home decorating and book collections. It is a question of space (isn't it always!) but this is a really cosy look when your halls are not too narrow. Not too narrow because the idea is to put in a small reading nook with your favourite armchair, a pouffe (optional) and a bookcase. Try arranging the armchair so that sits beneath a window – warm and sunny in the day, by night it is given an old-world feel with lanterns placed on the ledge. Unify the zoned space by using a consistent colour – think about painting a wooden bookshelf in cream and cream upholstery, perhaps even cream curtains. Don't worry about colour too much – it will come in with your selection of books and covers. Just pick out one and match it with a sumptuous satin cushion to lean back into. Carry on the old-world feel from your lanterns with a period mirror above the bookcase painted in an antique cream. A dark grey rug finishes the scene, bringing warmth from below and defining the space.
  • Colour lovers will find comfort in our next entrance hall idea – starting with monochrome black, and white, the room is then dipped in vibrant colours; we love the trendy palette of turquoise, yellow and lavender. Start by putting in some tongue and groove panelling, later painting the entire shell in white from the walls to the hardwood flooring. Black gives the eye somewhere to settle and can be brought in with a console table, later decorated with colour and style. Opposite one edge from the console table and at an angle to the wall, an inviting armchair upholstered in turquoise with a pretty graphic pillow. Returning to the table, dress it with oversized table lamps UK, a yellow vase with purple blooms and a graphic print leaning against the wall. If you have a lower shelf, arrange a selection of reading material but try not to stray from your chosen colour palette. Rugs can be added to make the space more snug – go for grey or take on your colours again for a vibrant display.

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