Snug as a bug in a rug 5: velvety dining rooms

Having that 'snug as a bug in a rug' feeling comes down to many things – your chosen colour palette, the textiles you use and layout of furniture to name just a few. Our post on velvety dining rooms looks at one of the most luxurious fabrics which makes anyone feel good! Velvet isn't to every ones taste, but you can't deny that it is becoming hot again in the world of interior design.

Aside from looking at how you can use this fabric in dining rooms, we will be touching upon the other features that make this a warm and welcoming space to be in.

• Our first dining room is really quite posh and noble – I could imagine entertaining Prince William and Harry in here! For a little tip, shop at fabric wholesalers UK for the best deals on more luxurious fabrics – or for cheaper alternatives that look and feel almost as good. Paint walls in a rich cream and use a large area rug for the floor in a muted colour of your choice – smoky blues or greens are good choices. A dark polished wood in a beautiful form for dining table and chairs – chairs which are upholstered in a cream or beige velvet. Experiment with different lighting so that you can achieve different moods – an overhead chandelier is a beautiful addition whilst wall sconces can bring light in from a lower level (gives a snug feeling!) With the cream walls, sconces and velvet upholstery – there really is a warm glow achieved in this design.

• This second idea is less formal, better for having your friends over than the Royals. In my imagination, it has some whimsy and you should see to it that you add personal touches to make it your own. To get the look under way, balance dark and light with deep brown or black flooring and a creamy yellow or ivory for the walls and ready made curtains. In a dining room, the table should be the focus so have it central if you can and under a whimsical chandelier in white. For more intimacy, round tables where you brush elbows are good – we choose wood again in this design, but a lighter wood to that of the floor. Look for French style dining chairs and customise them yourself with upholstered lavender velvet and painted white legs, arms and backs. Take a side cabinet in wood to match your dining table and dress the wall above in blue and white china which will create harmony with your lavender chairs.

Oh and don't forget the whimsy – we added a white 3-tier cake stand as table décor (is the Alice in Wonderland trend still around?!) Dining Room rugs make a nice addition too, choose a large area rug for added comfort in a colour to match your walls.

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