Snug as a bug in a rug 4: intimate bedrooms

Mmmm, sleepy time; you can all relate to that feeling, of not having the willpower to get out of bed on a dark, cold and wintry morning. If you think it is impossible now, what will you do when you make your bedroom design even more snug and intimate? It is a risk worth taking though, even if that lye-in is only guilt-free at the weekend! We have a great suggestions for you in today's post – Colonial design which is bang on-trend. What this style creates is the right atmosphere for a winter bedroom – warm, intimate and very, very snug. Read on to discover how this looks can easily be achieved.

The Colonial bedroom, will make you feel as though you were living on your own island somewhere in the Indian Ocean! The British Colonial style continues to be a favourable look for homes – especially in bedrooms, sun lounges and entrance halls. This look does have a little twist to it as we add more layers for a colder climate; starting with the art of layering rugs. You can work with existing flooring whether it be wooden floors, tiles or carpet. We add a large cream area rug first – do choose a darker cream or one with an almost golden appearance for added warmth, opulence and luxury.

Shop online for hand-tufted Indian rugs in rich colour ways – we love the use of earthy red and terracotta; place these rugs to create zones in a large room or for a smaller one at the end of the bed. Cream or white is typical for a Colonial design, but you could also use a cappuccino colour for the walls if you want it to feel more intimate. The use of a dark wood is a staple and you should stay on this path when it comes to choosing a bed and other furniture.

Bedding is 'dive' tested and super comfy with down quilts and lots of pillows – choose white linens and a creamy gold again for duvet cover sets and cushions. Finally, what Colonial design would be good without some lofty green plants dotted around the room – just don't make it into a jungle!

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