Snug as a bug in a rug 3: cheerful lounges

Lounges or living rooms, however you wish to call them – these rooms are used by everyone in the household and often together. Some people don't have lounges or living rooms – but 'family rooms'; which just goes to say how this room is used for bringing everyone together. Comfort is a priority here – you want to have those memories of cuddling by the fire, feeling as snug as a bug in a rug!

The following cheerful lounge ideas are great examples of how you can make your living room all the more warm, cosy and inviting – we hope you enjoy what you find.

This first idea is so charming that even I could be making some changes in the near future! Here, comfort begins from the floor up with a neutral, deep pile carpet or large area rug – you could even go for carpet and a floor rug, just make sure the rug holds its own by using a slightly lighter shade (grey/cream carpet and white rug for example).

For the walls, try three painted in a neutral colour or a green tint. On a focal wall, embrace the ongoing wallpaper trend with botanical/floral print in soft neutrals that tie in with your wall paint – if you can get an exact match between the wall paint and background colour of your wallpaper then bonus! Complete your 'shell' with woodwork and ceilings painted in white. There is a vintage modern feel to this design, especially when you used a vintage print on wallpaper; a modern corner sofa is inviting in cream and dressed with cushions and throws. We would go for a palette of light grey, yellow and white for textiles – the touch of colour adds energy and warmth to the room.

Choose chunky wooden furniture such as a matching coffee table and bookcase. It doesn't end here; accessorise gracefully with glass vases of white or yellow flowers, ready made curtains and perhaps some vintage fabrics framed for a bare wall. I have to say, it sounds like a lot of work but its all about slowly building and layering, playing around with textiles and accessories until you have the desired look.

Our second lounge will definitely make you feel snug as a bug in a rug – thanks to the amazing colour palette and a perfect layout. The colour palette – white, a light grey, a medium grey, a metallic grey, red-orange/dark coral and a scarlet red. Sound interesting? This is how we would incorporate these wonderful and trendy colours!

Starting with white, this comes through on ceilings and tongue and groove panelling around the room, the fireplace, coffee table, ready made curtains and the shade of a floor lamp; later, white wall décor will contrast against the vibrant red-orange or deep coral paint. Light grey is used in lounge rugs; the medium grey for sofa and armchair.

Metallic grey helps to bounce light around the room – consider accent pillows in grey satin, a mirror above the fireplace framed with metallic and photo frames for dressing a side table. The colour that really makes us smile is this red-orange hue or deep coral, to be painted above panelling and brought in again with accessories, alongside a smidgeon of scarlet red for an element of surprise. Group furniture around the fire for the chilly winter months and you won't even notice the dropping temperatures outdoors!

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