Snug as a bug in a rug 2: restful bathrooms

That reminds me, I must find the time to take a long soak in the bathtub – running around preparing for Christmas, my body could do with some relaxation. I wouldn't want this of course if my bathroom wasn't inviting; it is okay sinking into hot water – but it won't feel so restful if the décor is hodge-podge!

A project I took on this year was to transform my bathroom into an 'at-home' spa – warm neutrals, natural materials and lots of 'feel good' fabrics. I was surprised at how much a few changes can really enhance the desired mood. Enough about me, here are some ideas for you to take away...

  • Our first restful and snug bathroom takes on some colour – purple which has a magical way of creating warmth and tranquillity. Red and orange in contrast, are warm colours but they tend to 'energise' as opposed to creating a soothing environment. Begin this contemporary bathroom makeover with a medium wood floor and a lavender tint to paint the walls. For your bathroom suite, we recommend something contemporary – a free-standing bathtub is going to give more of a spa feel if that is what you are going for. Wooden accessories are good; try a bamboo roller blind for the window and an open shelf with wooden ornaments (bowels holding trinkets, vases with dried lavender...) The colour purple works hard to create your restful and inviting bathroom – consider painting the outer shell of your bathtub in a statement purple hue and carry the colour elsewhere with towels, wall art and other bathroom accessories.
  • For the ultimate spa experience though, (!) a sunken bath is hard to beat. It would probably mean having a professional come in and poke around your existing bathroom, to clarify if it will work. When you can take on this project, do see to it that your bathtub is central to the room so it strikes you instantly. You want to feel snug and this can be emphasised with warm neutrals, mood lighting and wood. Make it a tad more luxurious with gold walls and dark wood throughout. Don't worry so much about decorating the walls – concentrate on accessories around the bathtub, namely candles, spa products and a vase of lilies. Do have some white fluffy towels at hand and an upholstered armchair to relax whilst you dry off – lush!
  • A little opulence within our home certainly helps us to feel at ease! Marble or granite flooring and counter-tops, Oriental bathroom rugs, silk curtain fabric for luxury window treatments and brushed gold faucets. I'm drooling already; if you want to feel as snug as a bug in a rug – do treat yourself to some beautiful home textiles and incorporate natural materials.

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