Snug as a bug in a rug 1: comfortable kitchens

“Snug as a bug in a rug!” - something we want to hear you saying not only around Christmas, but throughout the rest of the colder months. What makes you feel snug, cosy and warm? Your home should be within your answer, if not it could be due time for some decorating inspiration... Who doesn't love a warm and inviting kitchen?

One that makes cooking and entertaining a joy? We are starting off the week with some ideas for decorating kitchens – comfortable ones of course! We will be looking too, at the all important textile when creating an inviting space – rugs and how you can apply them to your kitchen design. Christmas is around the corner, so you might be too busy to take on a major project; you can inform yourselves of the possibilities though and make little steps towards a big and promising change.

  • Our inspiration for comfortable kitchens begins with an inviting colour palette and a sleek, modern design. Wooden floors are always going to look good in the kitchen – they work with all decorating styles and the variety available means you will have no hard time finding the perfect match; not to forget of course, that wood represents the earth and has a natural 'homely' feel to it. For this look we recommend a medium to dark wood which will relate better to the colours.
  • Choose a focal wall; this could be the wall in which your dining table is near to (should you have a kitchen-diner set up).Okay, so this wall we are going to use wallpaper or paint in a deep aubergine colour – if you go for wallpaper you might find something more visually entertaining with stripes or another graphic print. For kitchen units, a mixture of gloss white and a medium shade of purple gives a very trendy and sumptuous feel – you will definitely want to spend time in here! Play around with different lighting – some spotlights under the top row of cabinets and perhaps a contemporary floor lamp by the dining area. You are almost complete, but do add accents in orange to give it some zest!
  • A kitchen that is predominantly white can still be warm and inviting, as we can prove with our next design inspiration. Again, a medium wood flooring is our recommendation for this continental feel kitchen. Where you have white units, be sure not to use white on the walls or it becomes too sterile – take a buttery cream, a warm neutral which also looks fresh. Match counter-tops to flooring with chunky wood surfaces or a brown marble. Finishing touches add more comfort with kitchen rugs, bronze or dark wood hardware and under cabinet lighting. When choosing textiles, think warm colours – a deep red and cream Chinese rug will look fabulous alongside other red accents such as kitchen blinds.

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