Small room, maximum impact

Having a small room doesn't mean it has to portray a tightly squeezed space that isn't fir for purpose. Give a small room maximum impact, practicality and functionality with these inspiring designs and furnishings. Multipurpose teal and white office desk and fold out bed

Home Designing

When you're tight for space transforming furniture is a brilliant idea. Space saving fold out bed and sofa combination in cream

Fit home Decor

Ideal for studio apartments or trendy bedsits, this sofa instantly becomes a bed. Small bedroom with mezzanine bed

Architecture Art Designs

When you run out of floor space move up with a mezzanine as a place to sleep. Small black and white bedroom with wall decal of perhaps Brooklyn bridge

Magic Designs

Give a small room maximum impact using a wall mural with a distance focal point to make the room appear larger than it is in reality.

Small bedroom with mirrors used to make the room look largerArchitecture N Design

Use mirrors to make a small room seem bigger. Multipurpose red and white shelves and slide out day bed

Portal Trends

Rather than merely transforming, this bed tucks neatly away inside the shelving unit when it's not needed. Day bed and comfy nook under a wooden staircase

The Tiny Life

When a small room is dominated by the stairs give it visual impact by creating a cosy nook in the void space beneath. Bed and office on raised platform above shelves, clothes rail and sink basin


This design shows just how much you can pack into a small space with a little ingenious design. Sectional slide out bed and raised platform reading nook


Kids will love this floor space, while parents will adore the spacious hidden storage underneath.

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