When decorating your home, the bedroom can often be left relatively unconsidered in favour for more public spaces such as living rooms and kitchens. The atmosphere and balance within the bedroom however are hugely influential factors in effecting your mood and sleep patterns. A calm, light and serene space can help you relax and feel more at ease when falling to sleep. Similarly, a cluttered, dark and chaotic space can leave you restless and irritated.

To create a tranquil and peaceful haven, firstly ensure to keep your furniture to a minimum to maximise the space and light throughout the room. Choose furniture that is not only attractive but also enables you to store away the clothes, shoes, books, beauty products etc often found within the bedroom. A fitted wardrobe is a perfect solution for this. Easily enclosed the storage practicalities can be neatly and subtly restrained to just one area of the room. Furthermore, mirrored doors can help to maximise the light and feeling of space thus leaving the bed as the central focal point.

If fitted wardrobes are not appropriate, be sure to choose wardrobes that balance the bed (and duvet cover) and other furniture within the room. Try to avoid having all items of furniture on one wall as this can create unbalance and a feeling of enclosure. Instead divide the objects on either side of the bed to create a feeling of symmetry.

As the most essential object in the room, your bed should be appropriately sized for the space and act as a central piece within your furniture collection.

Once the furniture and practical necessities are in place you need to consider the soft furnishings used in the room. This choice is very much dependant on weather you prefer a comforting and cosy or calm and minimalist atmosphere. For ultimate comfort choose warm colours and varying textures for your bedding and curtains. Add a bed head or canopy for extra warmth and luxury.

Similarly, for a more contemporary and bright scheme these principles can be used alongside light, airy fabrics to create a calm yet romantic atmosphere. Keep your bedding simple and basic in clean white shades. To add interest; place a bold wall hanging above the bed to create a central focal point and perhaps introduce some colour to the room. Alongside this, be sure your window dressing complements and echoes the statement made by the bedding to maintain the feeling of rhythm and balance within the room.

To add some individuality and flare to a bedroom finish your design with appropriately chosen accessories. For example, choose some stylish storage boxes which look attractive and can also neatly store away your bottles, jewellery, scarves etc. Use flowers, ornaments or vases to soften the design and add some individuality to quieter areas of the room. Or, use frames, mirrors and wall art to help create a feeling of cohesiveness by echoing characteristics of other elements within the room.

Although often the case, do not let your inspiration for the bedroom design stop at choosing a bed stead. Instead consider the room, its functionality and appearance as a whole. Use furniture, accessories and soft furnishings which create your desired mood and make the space a practical yet personal place for respite and relaxation.

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