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Slatted bed base vs midbeam: the 5 factors to make a comparison

There are a wide variety of bed base types available to offer secure structure and support to both yourself and your mattress. Although it can be slightly confusing to define the different types when you narrow down your bed base choice between a slatted or midbeam base it can be hard to finally choose. So here are six factors to consider when helping you choose between a slatted and Midbeam bed base. Natural finish wooden double bed frame
  1. Know the advantages of a slatted bed base: Slatted bed bases are one of the most commonly used bed bases within a range of bed designs. They consist of a series of long wood pieces that are securely fixed to the bed’s frame to evenly support and provide ventilation to any mattress. Slatted bases are mostly used in smaller bed sizes such as small single, single and double beds because they’re ideally tailored to support one person.
  2. Know the advantages of a Midbeam bed base: Midbeam bed bases are tailored more for beds of a larger size such as king size, super king size and queen size beds. They made to ensure that sprung slatted placed in the centre of your bed have equal support, due to the fact they come in two parts. This also ensure for even supported weight distribution when resting upon the mattress preventing any damage. They can also be found used within a divan beds offering central support to the bed’s frame.
  3. Understand the disadvantage of a slatted base: One downside to the slatted base is that not all mattresses you may choose will be suitable for this type of bed base. Therefore it’s important to be aware before investing in your bed purchase whether your mattress suits it, as the wrong base can implicate the life of your mattress. Another point is that due to the fact smaller beds with slatted beds lack a supportive centre beam they have the potential to warp or even break more easily.Cream finish wooden double bed frame
  4. Understand the disadvantage of a midbeam bed base: Much like the slatted base should the centre beam of the Midbeam break this damages the overall base structure of the bed. Not only does this affect the support of your mattress but also the support it offers to your body as well.
  5. Understand what size of bed you need: Knowing whether you’ll need a small or larger size bed will in this case influence the type of bed base you choose. As mentioned slatted bases are tailored for use in small scale beds such as small singles to double beds. Midbeam bases are tailored and fitted for use in beds of a larger size such from queen to super king size.

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