Skinny dip - transitioning from a child's bedroom to a teenage bedroom

As your child gets older and more opinionated, the first thing they will demand is a bedroom makeover! Their room will need to reflect their more grown-up image. This means the cute, bunny rabbit wallpaper does not quite cut it anymore. The tween-to-teen bedroom changeover can seem like a big one! However, the transition is all about finding the right balance between functionality and personality. We have teamed up with Skinny Dip to bring to you a unique and exclusive collection. In tune with all teenagers around the world, this new, fantastic range will make the transition journey not only easier, but super stylish too! Keep reading for the ultimate tips on transforming an outdated child’s bedroom into a trendy teen space.

Declutter away

It is unavoidable – as your child grows so will the number of things they have. Toys, books, and clothes that were once much-loved and the perfect fit, will no longer be their go-to. Stuffed away in a cupboard or gathering dust on a shelf, before you begin the makeover, you need to deal with this! The three-box method is perfect for decluttering. It will make the room look airy and organised. More importantly though, it will leave you with only the essentials and items that are special to your teen. All you need is three boxes, and they need to be labelled as follows:

  • To archive – in a memory box stored in the loft or storage room
  • To give to charity – to donate to charity shops
  • To throw – things your child has outgrown and will not be needing again

Whilst it may be tempting to just throw everything away, think about things you could repurpose. Maybe a favourite childhood toy, a figurine or blanket, could be converted into a new design feature? Utilising the old in this way will bring both personalisation and comfort to your teen’s boudoir.

Be playful with walls

Just because the rest of your home is neutral, does not mean your teen’s bedroom also has to be! In fact, their room is the ultimate place where you can let colourful hues take over. Bright walls or daring accent shades will give the space a fun, refreshing and energising aura. A tip we swear by is to paint using soothing hues like blue and green, as they are known to boost concentration. However, we cannot guarantee it will make getting up in the morning for school any easier – sorry!

Although, if you want to play it safe, opting for a neutral colour palette also works too. White walls do not have to be boring. Make it fun by hanging bunting across or framed photographs. This way your teen can add their own personal touch, through things like curtains and rugs. These accessories can be switched out easily as they grow up, without disrupting the overall design too much. With a flexible aesthetic comes greater freedom!

Be clever with furniture

Organising your child’s playdates will soon be a thing of the past, as they begin to make their own plans with friends. When they become a teen, they will want to hang out with them away from the watchful eyes of parents and pestering siblings! So, make sure there is space for entertaining in their bedrooms. Think about furniture and extra seating like comfy chairs or bean bags.

If your teen is a social butterfly, they will most likely have lots of friends sleeping over. Getting them a bed that also turns into a sofa bed will be a life saver here! You could even consider a bunk bed, as it is a practical solution offering extra storage, room for sleepovers, or even a space for siblings to share a bedroom. Better yet, many bunk beds have the option to be detachable. This is ideal as your children will obviously outgrow the setup one day, so think of it as an investment! As GCSE’s and A-Levels begin fighting for your teenager’s attention, establishing a dedicated space for them to revise is paramount. If you fancy doing a little DIY, our top tip is to remove the bottom bed and turn it into a study area. Add a dash of green through houseplants, to bring it lots of fresh air and energy. This way your teen will get that brain boost needed, when studying for those all-important exams!

If your child is lucky enough to have a big room, why not treat them to a double bed? Something as simple as putting in a bigger bed, will immediately make their bedroom appear more grown up. We recommend going for one with storage underneath, to hide away things they have outgrown and free up space in their room.

Take advantage of wall decals

Making your teen’s bedroom futureproof will save you time and money in the future. It is simpler and less costly to swap out accessories like duvet covers, over a hot pink headboard or dinosaur wallpaper. One option to keep your son or daughter’s getaway looking updated and current is by utilising temporary wall decals and stickers. This way you have free reign to change up themes in their room, as trends come and go. They are available in lots of different styles and are easy to take off. So, if you want an inexpensive way to keep renovating your child’s bedroom in consideration of their interests – this one is for you!

Mess-free flooring

Wood laminate flooring is the ideal choice for any adolescent’s bedroom, as you will find it stands the test of time. It is a long-lasting choice that will work dynamically with any type of décor. So, there is no need to worry about your tween spilling paint or drawing on it with markers. It will not be as big a cleaning catastrophe as you think! A budget-friendly way to personalise is by swapping in different rugs, as their interests change. If you really want to add a unique touch, incorporate in floor lamps for a mature feel.

Dress up windows

When they reach their teenage years, privacy becomes a big thing. So, blackout blinds and lined curtains are the way forward! If you have played it safe and gone for a neutral colour palette to futureproof their room, here is where you can inject their personality. Teens love bold and bright shades. Curtains in fiery orange, brilliant blue, flaming red, forest green and sunny yellow are especially popular. Pick a hue that matches the walls, furniture, and décor of their bedroom. For instance, the Atlantic Ready Made Lined Eyelet curtains will bring to life and energise your teen’s private getaway. Also, keep the material light, as it will be easier to manage and makes their hangout feel spacious and bright.

Some teens prefer neutral colours such as beige, black, and browns. The blinds and curtains can be utilised imaginatively to establish a fascinating aesthetic. Or you can opt for curtains with dual hues. Our curtains produce a gorgeous, colour blocking effect throughout their bedroom.

Why not pair shades with sheer drapes to create an eye-catching look? We recommend picking darker colours for your shades. If your teen wants printed or patterned shades, keep the curtains plain and simple. Floral prints or geometric patterns are great options for drapes. But you need to make sure the shades do not look too busy, otherwise your teen’s bedroom could become too overpowering!

If your child has allergies, opt for blinds. They are actually known to help with such sensitivities, as they withstand the build-up of dust mites. Plus, painted wooden blinds offer a timeless, practical window treatment from tween to teen. Not only are they gender-friendly with their simple style and straight lines, but they are a stylish option for teenagers. Or if you want to go all-out, go for graphic blinds with a digitally printed image of their favourite popstar, cityscape, graffiti, or quotes.

Gender neutral

Dark and moody décor can be accomplished without switching a teen bedroom into a bat cave. Just paint the walls a sleek dark grey, and layer it with lighter tones of grey and white. Incorporate various patterns to enhance interest and depth, and a throw in a burst of one other shade, to muster up a little youthful energy. A hand-lettered print on the wall with other frost-white accents adds a fun element, without taking away from the overall impact.

If your teen has a favourite hobby or likes to collect things, incorporate this into the interior design of their bedroom. Maybe your son collects caps, or your daughter is an avid painter? You can create a feature wall out of their prized possessions, which will establish an interesting talking point. Finish the look off with brick-effect wallpaper, not only is it gender neutral, but it will give your teen the edge they all want at that age!

Skinny Dip x Terrys

The secret to styling a teenager’s boudoir is to pick timeless pieces, appealing to them for years to come, as well as showing their personality and interests within their room design. Our range with Skinny Dip achieves just this. Your tween to teen boudoir makeover will be like no other, once you spruce up their space with the collection’s products. We guarantee our tips and tricks for transitioning, will turn your moody teen’s frown upside down. Sometimes, we can be tempted to incorporate our own style into our children’s bedrooms when redecorating. This is a time where they will be old enough to have a say, as well as express their own personal taste. So, make sure they are involved throughout their hangout makeover. You will thank us for this later down the line. Plus, who knows, maybe it will mean less nagging, and more of an incentive to keep their room tidy!

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